TOP A.I. ALTCOINS – Potential 100x Cryptos πŸŒ‹ Best AI Cryptocurrencies To Buy 2023 πŸš€

Today I cover the best AI Crypto’s with 100x potential to watch out for as the market moves in 2023 πŸŒ‹

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0:00 – Intro Top 100x Altcoins for AI
0:40 – SingularityNET
2:08 – FetchAI
3:46 – OceanProtocol
5:20 – Numeraire
6:30 – SingularityDAO
7:50 – DeepBrainChain
9:15 – Artificial Liquid Intelligence
11:15 – IMPORTANT things to understand

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Top AI cryptos to watch out for in the Crypto space that potentially have a Hundred X potential that is exactly what We're talking about in this video so This is not Financial advice I'm not a Financial advisor and none of these are Sponsored mentions so we're going deep Into the crypto market today to look at AI cryptos because if you have been Paying attention AI is on the rise and Potentially you know Forbes thinks it's Going to be one of the biggest crypto Trends to watch out for so if AI Crypto's take off in 2023 these cryptos Are the ones you need to be paying Attention to and I also have some Important information I'm going to share With you at the end of this video that's Also going to help you out so if that Sounds good hit the Thumbs Up Button Let's get straight into this video and The first crypto you need to be paying Attention to it's singularitynet agix is The ticker okay so this is a big AI Crypto clocking in at 218 million dollar Market cap and you can actually see Right here when this one first launched It was tracked by coin market cap you Know it was actually trading at around a Dollar fifty when it kind of got tracked Right right here in uh recently in the Bull run it got up to around you know 50 Cents 57 cents and right now it's Trading it on 18 cents with a lot of

Interest kind of piling into the AI Crypto space right now so you guys can See Ai cryptos and if we learn a little Bit more about this crypto Singularity Net is a blockchain powered platform That allows anybody to easily create Share and monetize AI Services thanks to Its globally accessible AI Marketplace So it's got a big focus on a Marketplace If we actually check out the website it Does have a nice website so very nice Website indeed very slick and you can See their Vision right here Singularitynet is the world's leading Decentralized AI Marketplace running on Blockchain our core mission is the Development of artificial general Intelligence for a beneficial Technological singularity so that does Sound pretty Advanced to me and uh the Website is looking good and this one Also has a team as well so I do like it On crypto show up with teams that I can Boost up the conflict in the crypto Project but right now agix and trading Around 218 million dollar market cap and Things are looking bullish in the Immediate term for that one another Crypto you have to be paying attention To this one is called Fetch dot AI so The ticker is f-e-t currently trading Around 28 cents on the market and if we Have a look at the price graph for fat Fetch right here you can see recently in

The uh bull run before it got up to Around 90 cents currently trading at Around 28 cents and lots of Interest Kind of coming into fetch right now you Can see it kind of starting to take off As more interest and interest goes into These AI cryptocurrency projects and if We learn a bit more about fetch AI what Else what is it kind of bringing to the Market and this one actually came Straight on to binance Via an ieo back In 2019 and it's building a open Permissionless decentralized machine Learning Network in crypto with a crypto Economy me so it democratizes access to AI technology with a permissionless Network upon which anyone can connect And access secure data sets by using an Autonomous AI to execute tasks that Leverage its Global Network of data so That is really interesting it does look Like they are bringing a lot of value Out to the crypto Market if we do check Out their website again very slick Website right here autonomous agent Technology power peer-to-peer Applications with Automation and AI Capabilities with or without direct Access to the blockchain so this is Another one bringing lots of value out To the market and it's definitely one People should be putting on their radar So fetch AI watch out for this one as Interest in AI continues to grow another

Crypto with massive potential is ocean Protocol so let's have a look at Ocean Protocol ranked at 143 right now market Cap is sitting at 216 million dollars And trading at 35 cents so lots of Interest good down the market up 10 for Ocean protocol and we have a look at the Price graph for ocean protocol this one Was very flat for a long period of time Trading at around three cents which is Pretty much nothing and then it got up All the way up to a dollar eighty so a Lot of these cryptos what you're going To notice is uh if they can actually Even just recover to their original All-time high that's going to be Exciting so if again if this one gets to 1.80 that's some really nice gains right There but you can see right here this One is starting to move as well so ocean Protocol on the move right now moving Upwards and if we learn a bit more about Ocean protocol right here it says ocean Protocol is a blockchain based ecosystem Allows individuals and businesses to Easily unlock the value of their data And monetize it through the use of erc20 Based data tokens so kind of what I'm Taking from Ocean protocol is that there Is a big focus on data and also Preserving privacy and control as well If we jump over to the a website right Here you can see right here nice website Next generation tools to unlock data at

A large scale so you guys know lots of Potential uh with data and combining That with cryptocurrency but that is Kind of a broad look of what ocean Protocol is bringing to the market so Watch out for that one as this Market Rolls on another crypto you need to be Putting on your radar is uh his numera Rare I'm not sure if I pronounced that Right ticker is NMR and uh this one Trading in at around 17 right now up 1.3 Percent of the last 24 hours and market Cap sitting at around 100 million Dollars and if we have a look at the Price graph this one actually got up to Around Um it was a nearly yeah 90 90 roughly in Price currently it's trading on 17 uh NMR and uh what is this one bringing out To the market and it says right here It's an ethereum based platform allowing Developers and data scientists to Experiment and create machine learning Models Within improve reliability and The platform's main goal is to bring Decentralization to the data science Field and allow developers to compete in Creating effective machine learning Prediction models and this one's founded In San Francisco and it's also got Identifiable Founders and that is really Unique if we have a look at their Website the hardest data science Tournament in the world predict the

Stock market and so data scientists Machine learning that is exactly what Numeri is all about right there another Crypto you need to be paying attention To as well is singularity Dow right now So it's got a market cap of around 18 Million dollars trading at around 33 Cents and if we look at the Historical Prices of uh this one you know this one Actually got up to above six dollars so It's trading at 33 cents currently there Has been a bit of Interest recently in The crypto you can see it right here Interest starting to spike volume kind Of going up and up for this crypto and Again this is on the back end of lots of People being interested in AI Cryptocurrencies right now and what is Singularity Dao bringing out to the Market it says right here you know it's Simplifying access to the crypto economy And it's got Aid Phi sophisticated Decentralized Finance meets the world's Most advanced decentralized artificial Intelligence to create a new type of Economy so that sounds pretty exciting And again AI does have big potential and We're only really you know at the tip of The iceberg about what AI is going to do To the world economy so it's almost like Pandora's Box has been opened and uh Singularity Dao is uh definitely looking Into tap into that economy right there And you can see the website right here

And again they're embedding AI into defy And also risk management too but again Another one to potentially look out for As this crypto Market rolls on another One you have to be putting on your radar As well is that deep brain chain so who Was back in the bull market of 2017 2008 Team if you were let me know in the Comment section below but this one was Actually trading around 45 cents and uh There is interest coming back into a Deep brain chain recently and this one Hasn't really taken off uh that much so It's trading at a micro level 0.003 previously it traded at a price of 44 cents so way way off its all-time High so if this one was to ever get back To its all-time high it would be a Massively exciting and what is what Exactly is deep brain chain doing in the Market and it says right here deep brain Chain was founded in November 2017 with The vision of building an infinitely Scalable distributed high performance Computing network based on blockchain Technology and to become the most Important infrastructure in the 5G plus AI era and we jump over to the website It does have an interesting website and They are still putting out tweets as Well so lots of uh the community is Still going strong for deep brain chain And tapping into AI plus the metaverse Right there and that is something you

Have to be looking out for as well so Again if deep brain chain was ever to Recover that would be a very very Exciting crypto to watch out for another Crypto you have to be paying attention To as well uh this one being suggested Out of LGV in the full moon telegram Group uh right now artificial liquid Intelligence so rank number 350 market Cap of 56 million dollars and if you Have a look right here previously this One was trading at around 11 cents and Right now it's trading at 3.4 cents and Uh just in the last month or so you know Interest has kind of poured back into These types of cryptos as the AI Pandora's Box has begun to open and if We check out what artificial Intelligence is uh bringing to the Market it says right here alethia AI is Building a decentralized protocol to Create an intelligent metaverse Inhabited by interact active and Intelligent nfts as Originators of the Inft standard Althea AI is on The Cutting Edge of embedding AI animation Interaction and generative AI Capabilities into nfts developers can Use the inft protocol to create train And earn from their infps in the world's First intelligent metaverse known as Noah's Ark I have to say that concept Sounds really really interesting and This does look like it's a bit of a

Preview of uh the technology they are Generating so AI you know inf's right Here potentially and people are just Typing in the description down the Bottom and uh the AI is basically Creating the model and just think about This technology and how it could also Apply to gaming as well so could it make The creation of crypto games a lot Quicker with AI technology but very very Interesting metaverse AI combination Right there and uh character GPT and Some other Innovations but that is one To definitely you know put on your radar And do some more research into right There and I did say at the start of this Video you have to be you have to also Understand some important things when You're researching these crypto so what We've done in this video is we've had a Really high level look at some very Exciting Ai cryptos and again it's a Trend and the trend is the friend in Cryptocurrencies you always got to Figure out where is the trend going so There's definitely some interest going Into AI crypto so we've just checked out Some of the most exciting ones with the 100x potential in the crypto Market Other things you need to be paying Attention to as well is overall what is The Bitcoin price going to do so again If we get more bullish momentum in the Bitcoin price this starts to pump more

And more you see this little bar down The bottom that goes up watch out for That because that's going to really push Up you know the speculative altcoins These are all very high reward high risk Cryptos as well the ones we talk about So always remember crypto can go up you Can go down you can lose your money Potentially and I'm always upfront with You guys on that on the channel and then On top of that when you're looking at These cryptos the other thing you need To be paying attention into as well Circulating supplies so see what the Circulating Supply is doing how does it Change to the max supply of the total Supply and uh when a more crypto tokens Getting launched onto the market because Sometimes if uh cryptos you know release More tokens onto the market the price Can also go down so you have to be aware Of that in the crypto Market too so just Watch out for those factors when you're Looking into these cryptos but guys very Exciting video hope you guys got value Out of it if you did Smash the Thumbs Up Button if you guys want to get to get Some free crypto tips in the future Check out the top Link in my link tree Get the 100x crypto Mastery course I Also have the full moon telegram pumping Right now and uh next see crypto Exchange bonus and nordvpn and uh Cold Storage Ledger in the link tree right

There if you want to support the channel But guys that is a very exciting look at Some cryptos hope you guys enjoyed it See you in the next one crypto Zeus Signing out

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CoinTelegraph is a cryptocurrency and blockchain news site that publishes articles from a team of journalists. You can read curated articles, expert opinion pieces, and even guides and tutorials. It is easy to use, and it has a well-organized interface. The best part is that it also provides current coin prices.

While not as storied as other websites, it’s still worth checking out. This site offers financial analysis, and it will keep you up-to-date on the latest developments in the world of cryptocurrencies. It also has a jobs board. One of the best things about this site is that you can add your own RSS feeds, so you can stay up-to-date with the latest developments in your favorite cryptocurrencies.

CryptoPanic is one of the first crypto news aggregators. They are known for providing unbiased and reliable information about a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including Altcoins and ICOs. Not only does the site provide real-time updates, it also features a portfolio tracking feature. In addition to their news, you can follow their Twitter account, which is great for finding the latest developments in the sphere.

Founded in 2013 by the guys behind Financemagnates, Cointelegraph is an independent online publication that focuses on the internet of finance and blockchain technology. It also covers decentralized applications, and the Internet of Things. Their news isn’t just about ICOs and fintech; they cover topics such as the future of digital currencies, generation 3.0 web development, and more.

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