Warning: Bitcoin Just FLASHED RED On Gaussian Channel

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0:00 Intro
0:29 Gaussian Channel
0:48 Large rally
0:51 15.5k
0:54 Flipped red
2:12 Fractal Pattern
3:11 Death Cross
4:41 ABC Correction
5:11 Gravestone Doji
7:30 Double bottom
9:40 Heavy resistance
10:05 February 6
10:46 5.3 Theory
11:22 70k
12:04 NVT-HV

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Warning: Bitcoin Just FLASHED RED On Gaussian Channel


Bitcoin just flashed red on the Legendary glossy channel right here just As we're about to Rally up to it here's What it means here's what you need to Know welcome in if you're new my name is Steve hit that subscribe button right Now and let's jump straight into the Video Oh first if you're not following already On the twitters go over there and follow Crypto crew you over on the twitters now Gaussian channel is legendary the Gaussian channel has helped us correctly Predict a lot of calls but let's be Honest the gaussian channel has been Green literally since June 2016. Literally it's been green for years and Bitcoin has done a very large rally Right coming off that low of 15 and a Half K and rallied all the way up and we Just flipped red so what does this Actually mean is this going to be Devastating is this going to plummet Prices I'm also going to cover this is The weekly Golden Cross death cross and For bitcoin's first time in history We're about to have a death cross on the Weekly it's never happened before at the Same time we just flipped red from the Gaussian channel that hasn't happened Since 2016. so what does all this mean Right what does it mean for you should You panic should you sell now and buy When we go a lot lower I'm going to get

To all of that as well as when we're Projected to have this cross in this Video we're also going to cover here This chart tells us when the biggest Moves of the year are going to happen And we're getting very very close to That so let's start here gaussian Channel so right now on the two-week Gaussian channel right the two-week Gaussian Channel when you zoom out it Looks like this for almost the entire Time on the two week gaussian Channel Were green it was only a short period of Time during the 2015 heading into 2016 That we were red so is there any Similarity here can we take any evidence From this fractal pattern to compare it To what we're seeing today one thing we Can unequivocally say is that Bitcoin Has never fallen below the gaussian Channel in prices on the two-week chart Yeah we Wicked through a little bit here Yeah we Wicked through quite a bit here But in terms of like actual candles Closing below as resistance to a Two-week Austin channel this never Happened that's not my opinion that's Just a fact right in front of us and by The way if you're new to our Channel we Just cover the facts straight cold hard Facts we don't take paid ads we don't Take anybody's money to promote any crap No money is coming in from ads ever on Their channel for the past five years

And that will continue but at the same Time Bitcoin has closed below here on This two-week chart at the same time We're actually closing below here on our Weekly chart for the death cross you can See this red line here at the bottom Beautiful support in 2015 beautiful Support at the bear Market in 2018 Beautiful support during the covet crash And now it's resistance so at the same Time we just flipped red on the gaussian Channel at the same time we're having Our first candles closed below and at The same time we have this death cross And also at the same time the whole World in every single smart person on Planet Earth in the world economy is Saying that 2023 is going to be a Devastating bloodbath so what does all This mean is this just the force Shadowing of what's to come we've never Been below in these levels right so Let's break it down when we changed red We've got to look left and we have to Understand when did we do it last time Why did we do it last time and for how Long did we do it last time and what did It mean last time well we've always Compared the 2022 fractal pattern to the 2015 fractal pattern they always line up We've never compared this fractal Pattern to the present day this fractal Pattern did not line up at all in fact There was way too much bullishness that

Came in to this fractal pattern it Wasn't short-lived this was an A B C Correction and there's no way around it Right this is a textbook ABC correction This was not sustainable if you watch Our videos we made videos back here Calling for a quote unquote legendary Rally and as we started going into this Rally and we looked at all the facts in Front of us we said time and time again It's not sustainable this is not Sustainable this is not sustainable Every single person on Earth who covered Bitcoin was saying it's sustainable We're going to go to a new all-time high New all-time high we just covered the Facts on the charts And we also covered the top at 14k with The gravestone doji we called that the Top was in and we got a lot of hate for It and it turned out that that was the Top that was the candle that was the Fact right so now if we take this Knowledge and we take this wisdom and we Apply it to the 2015 fractal pattern we Can say that we had this explosive rally We fell down into the gaussian channel It held us like quicksand just like the Gaussian channel likes to do it held us From September 2014 and we didn't get Out of it until May 2016. so this Devastatingly long period and we can Also say that we changed red literally On that double bottom right when we

Changed to Red it was literally on the Double bottom and that's not us making Things up or hoping or praying this is Just a fact you could see that this was The double bottom and that's when we Changed to Red so we can say that Actually when we change to red the worst Was already over according to 2015 right We can say that obviously in 2018 we Didn't change to red because we had an Unsustainable amount of bullishness come Into the market in the ABC correction And now we just change to red so would It line up that when we change to red Here that this was actually The double bottom right We don't know but we can say that in According to 2015 that was the case and According to 2015 once we changed to Red The worst was over So maybe the worst is over right that's One way to look at it another way is Like well how about these candles Because they're closed below And in terms of the candles closing Below we simply did not have the Bullishness at the top and we had our First ever double top and a lot of People get this mixed up in terms of Technical analysis a double top doesn't Mean it goes to the exact price Oftentimes they're different prices and Oftentimes on the first top the second Top is usually higher because the

Markets like to trick everybody right When you have an all-time high and then You followed by another all-time high People get crazy bullish that was Actually the double top just like the Double bottom right this could very well Be our bottom and this could be our Double bottom just like this top was Lower than this top here we also we also Had During these tops we had incredibly Strong bearish Divergence and during These bottoms which could potentially Bare bottoms we've had incredibly strong Bullish Divergence so bearish Divergence Up here at these tops bullish Divergence At these bottoms you know things are Starting to line up and if we are Correct and and the verdict is still out We don't know for sure but if these are Our double bottoms I should be like Getting a Nobel Prize for this for the Amount of flack that I faced with Calling these bottoms we might be the First person to call this the bottom and We've been looking for a double bottom If this actually plays out to be correct That will be the craziest call I've ever Had And if it turns out to be incorrect We will learn from it and we will get Better but there is no evidence to Suggest it's correct or not correct yet Right we still have to wait out for a

Few more months to see how the market Plays out but I have had the same tune For all of these months right Nothing has changed about the way I felt My words are not impacted by anybody's Money trying me to get me to say one Thing or another we talk about the facts And only the facts and always we're on The other side of the fence where it's Very uncomfortable nobody's on our side Of the fence everyone's on the other Side of the fence and we go against the Herd year after year after year and it's Difficult but thank you for your support During all of these years so this is What this chart is saying it's like look We didn't go as high during the bull run Right and because we had this double top So naturally we have the same level of Correction it's going to bring us lower And the same story plays out true in the Death cross that's why we're below this Red line but make no mistake we have When Bitcoin looks up above our heads is Very heavy resistance because these Lines have been our support during every Single bear Market in the history of big Point so above our heads very very Strong resistance and Bitcoin is going To take some time to break through that So right now as we stand our weekly Death cross for the first time ever is Scheduled to happen in the beginning of February February 6th to be exact

February 6th we could have our very First ever death cross on the weekly Cross now To play Devil's Advocate could this mean That Bitcoin is gearing up for a longer Sideways action yes this is something That we covered at length on our channel That we could have the next five to Seven years of sideways action for Bitcoin I know nobody wants to hear it But also there are some facts in the Charts that are saying that this could Very well happen right and case in point Here case in point with uh the candles Below here this could be foreshadowing Of some turmoil and we talked about the 5.3 Theory says the same thing it says That you know Bitcoin is going to go Through this period of moving sideways For several cycles and you know that's a Good thing a blessing in disguise Because a lot of people give up And a lot of innovation will come into The market the smartest people are still In Bitcoin and they'll develop the next Leg to help us get to the next Um price rise in the bull runs so I'm Not concerned that doesn't mean Bitcoin's not going to have a bull run It just means the Bull Run May triple Top we may have a bull run come all the Way up here to just below about 70k and Triple top and then go back into a bear Market and potentially have more

Bottoming at that's you know this kind Of 13k 10K you know 15K area we could Have some more bottoming action Happening there and just bounce in Between that channel for a handful of Years so that's not obvious question it Wouldn't be out of the ordinary Given the price action that we see on The chart now I do want to cover this chart this chart Tells us the largest move of every year Plain and simple this is the our custom Indicator all of our students have this For free this is the nvt HV indicator Combines both of them and simply put When we dip below this yellow line That's when the largest moves of the Year start to happen you can see we Started to form this largest move of the Year here and you can see when it came Out here the largest move came out here The largest move and the color tells us Everything when we come out of this move In white prices go down and we come out Of this move in red prices go up and Right now we're not quite below that Line we're getting close we will keep You updated on this but this is what I See happening in the charts right now Major flip to Red first time in many Many years and the first ever death Cross coming and the big picture I don't Think they're really really bad I think Bitcoin could move sideways for some

Years but I do believe that 2023 will be The start of the bull run for Bitcoin I just don't think the Bull Run is going To get us to 100K so Again those are all really hard to hear Because people don't talk like that they Usually say you know and hype things up Bitcoin is going to go to 250 000 and You start salivating and dreaming about It and then it just doesn't happen so I'm not going to be one of those people I'm going to talk straight facts on the Charts and what I see and to keep you Level-headed you never want to get too Excited on the way up you never want to Get too depressed on the way down Continue to be level-headed and invest In your future and that's how you're Going to change the tune of your Family's success right peace and love to The fellow underdogs I'll see you right Back here in the next video do you want To know when to buy and when to sell Click this video right now

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