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Will bitcoin's gruesome crash continue We had a gruesome Crash from 69 000 all The way down to 15 500 but is it going To continue a lot of people are Wondering and Bitcoin meanwhile just Flash blood red we're gonna get into What this means for Bitcoin and is this Crash going to continue or is there a Part surprise in the works hit that Subscribe button my name is Steve for Putting out tons of bangers from now Until Christmas so hit that subscribe Button we're giving back to our Community with a ton of educational Content focused just on the facts and The charts not my emotional opinion our Words are not paid for I don't take paid Ads hit that subscribe button let's jump Into the chart this is the gaussian Channel the legendary glossian channel That has helped us make all of our Largest calls in the past several years For Bitcoin which happened to be pretty Far ahead of most people in crypto and This could be another one Bitcoin just Flashed blood red it's done it before Two other times but is this time Different is this time similar if so how Similar and what's going to happen what Do we think is going to happen with this Blood Red now what I'm going to share With you is going to be pretty shocking So you better be sitting down when I Share this with you but let's start with

The basics right now there's green Channels and there's red channels and The 13-day chart which is where we are Right now there only happen to be two Red channels in history both of them Acted very very similar and we'll get in That into that in a second and this is Literally the third time in history that We've turned blood Bread on this chart For the gaussian channel so what does it Mean what can we think about this and This is where things get very very very Interesting I want to draw your Attention to this one the 2015 one and What we noticed is that this was our Bottom right this was our bottom right Here in Bitcoin and then we double Bottomed here textbook double bottom and Double bottoms mean Trend reversal to The upside right we also called this our First bottom and this our second bottom Here and we'll get into 2022 in a second But what I want to do is try to Understand what is this first bottom Mean relative to the red because we know That this was the bottom and we know That this was the red and we also know That on our Channel we called seventeen Thousand five hundred the bottom and This our double bottom and you can see It very clearly here in the total market Cap this was our bottom and this was our Textbook double Bottom now nobody knows If that's a true Testament to the market

Will it play out like this or not but we Cannot deny how power powerful this Chart is and if you missed this video It's from a few days ago go watch that Video because it's eye-opening all right We cannot deny that there is a chance Bitcoin just double bottomed we cannot Deny it there's a chance and that would Go perfectly with our theory that this Was our bottom and this was our double Bottom we had it at the same time that There's bullish Divergence just like This was her top this was our double top And there was bearish Divergence heavy At the time okay so same thing playing Out here and we just showed you our macd Cross in the previous video that's only Happened five times there's never been a False signal it happened every single Bear market and it was a very bullish Signal and now it leads us to this red Okay so what's very interesting about This red is we want to understand the Relationship with what could be the Market bottom and the red okay so the Relationship is where things are very Interesting take a look wait want to Understand the relationship with our First bottom to the red so let's first Understand well how many days so 156 Days okay remember that number take a Mental screenshot of this number because This number is going to come in handy in About 10 seconds all right so if your

Memory is robust enough to remember this Number for 10 seconds you're going to be In the money because we measured this Bottom here to this red here and it was 156 days now we want to understand this Bottom here to that red here and it's 157 days I would guess that a lot of People would call 156 and 157 similar we Could all agree that those numbers are Very very similar they're almost Identical but not quite but they're very Very similar they're off by multiple of One they're off by one point right 156 Days on 157 days now I want you to take A mental screenshot of this number now We've got two numbers that we need to Remember for about 15 seconds and I Think we can do it together because this Is where things start to get really Really interesting now we told you in a Previous Video 17 500 we believe that The bottom was in not because of our Emotional opinion but just based on the Facts in the charts and now we're Leading to Here We believe that the Bottom was in here at seventeen thousand Five hundred according to a lot of the Charts that we study and that happens to Be 156 days since we just turned red let That sink in we're studying these charts From so many different angles and They're all leading us to the same thing Quite a controversial call but 156 days To the red this was 156 days to the red

This was 157 days to the red this was 156 days to the red but I thought this Time was different I thought this time Was different why is it the same why is It the same exact as it's been for seven Years it literally hasn't been different For seven years but I thought this time Was different I don't know so is the Bottom in nobody knows no including me Nobody on planet Earth knows we can just Look at the facts and the charts and This is pretty eye-opening that from This bottom here again this is a really Clear-cut chart right here total market Cap 17.5 bottom in textbook double Bottom huge selling Wicks leading into The most pivotal this is a huge cell Wall here huge by wall here huge bylog Here long long Wicks at this level that All of the whales are watching now You're watching but we lead into this Macd cross which we don't know if that's Going to play out time will tell by New Year's we will know and we lead into This chart 156 days in turn to Red this Is the evidence we know we don't know if The bottom is in we don't know if it's Going to go lower but this is our Evidence and if we're going based on for Evidence what does it mean because we Were pretty short-lived in our red here And we were pretty long on our red here By all accounts we are not anything Similar to this fractal pattern and

We've been saying that for months and Months and months this is already old News this is already eight eight months Ago we've already said we're very Similar to the 2015. so the 2015 turned Red towards the end towards the tail end Of the bear market and right before our Double bottom so could it be well Received that this turned red at our Double bottom I could we don't know but What does it mean we can tell that this Turn red turns the towards the tail end And we also know that that macd cross That we just had it turned macd cross in 2015 towards the middle of the bear Market so one could say based on the Evidence that we are at worst case maybe Around halfway through the bear market And I want to say this bear markets are Really really tough they take a mental Burden but you watching this video being In crypto right now are so far ahead of Everyone else because everyone that had A weak mind is gone they gave up they Capitulated Unfortunately they will buy Back in when Bitcoin is at probably 50 000. so you are so far ahead of them Mentally and in terms of money right so Give yourself a pat on the back bear Markets are tough this is another reason I'm gonna try to make a lot more videos Between now and Christmas just to give Back to you in the community this is Important bear markets are tough and I'm

Going to be here even though for years I Made one video a week every Wednesday we Dropped a video rain or shine it doesn't Matter every Wednesday once per week This year towards the last few months We've been making about three videos a Week and everyone's been going crazy and Begging for more so here are more videos For you with really top-notch knowledge Like this where you can take you can put It in your pocket and you have it so What what do I think is going to happen I think this is very very interesting I Think that Bitcoin is worst case about Halfway through the bear market and it We could have just had our double bottom Right we all know that we called the Mega crash at 48k which was a really Really really unpopular thing to say Nobody believed it at the time everyone Was convinced we were going to a new All-time high and we got that call spot On and we called the 17 500 it looked Pretty good for a while and then a lot Of people tried to poop on it and they May eat their words we don't know there Are still I'm still staying to what I Predicted earlier based on the facts and The charts there's still a chance that This double bottom has just happened all Right nobody knows but to say that There's no chance would would be really A low level of Education it's like if You watched all the videos with your

Eyes closed and plugging your ears I Think you can say that but if you're Opening honest with yourself and looking At the facts you have to admit there's a Chance and that's all we need we need a Chance let's see how it plays out it's Going to be very interesting I'll be Keeping you up to date hit that Subscribe button I'll see you on the Next video [Music] Thank you

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