Warning: Bitcoin Super Guppy TURNS GREY

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Warning: Bitcoin Super Guppy TURNS GREY


Bitcoin has just turned gray on the Legendary Super guppy it's time for you To pay attention because Bitcoin is Repeating history if you're new here Welcome in my name is Steve and our Channel we're really different we go Against the grain we stand out from the Crowd when everyone goes left we go Right and we base it all on the facts in The charts hit that subscribe button You're gonna love it here we've got two Incredibly powerful charts to cover in Today's video but I want to start with Something even more exciting as I Mentioned in the previous video my son's Birthday is next week and I wanted to do Something special for you and the rest Of our community our indicator bundle is Expensive for most people and I get it That's why next week we're gonna make Our indicator bundle the lowest price It's ever been in history and not only That we're gonna do a campaign where you Buy one get one and give one and this is Really really exciting and we're going To spread positivity through the world Because when you sign up to the Indicator bundle not only are you Getting all the amazing things inside of It you're also going to get a master Class video absolutely free and you're Going to gift a master class course to Somebody in need a single mom a single Dad a vet somebody from a less fortunate

Country somebody in a very tough Financial situation so each person you When you sign up you're doing good in The world spreading positivity with Something that not only is going to Impact your life and help you make a lot More money and help you remove a ton of Stress but you're gonna pass on Something for free to somebody in need So it's going to be incredible next week February 20th Mark that date down now Let's jump into this super guppy so the Super guppy is an indicator that you can Get for free you can go to your Indicators up here and type it in and Pop it up on the chart where on the Weekly chart and we're comparing the 20 15 fractal to the 2023 fractal and so Far for the past year and a half or so Pound for pound move for move the Fractal pattern is remarkably on point Right so we were in this green channel In 2015 for a long period of time then We moved into this grade Channel and Then we moved into this red Channel and The red Channel had orange at the bottom But orange changed to gray this was a Biblical point in this fractal pattern When this Orange channel at the bottom Changed to Gray and that's exactly what We're seeing to take place right here Obviously we had this beautiful green Channel we changed into a grade Channel Then we changed into a red channel the

Largest rally in quite a while happened Right inside of the red Channel same in 2023 this is the largest rally we've had In quite a while happened right inside This red Channel not only that in 2015 That red Channel rally that happened Right here it actually went up to its Previous Pivot Point from about 160 63 Days earlier and you can see here when We take this pivot point and we go to Here so 161 days later from this Pivot Point into the red Channel and we're Seeing the same thing here when we have This Pivot Point here and right into the Red channel it's 161 days right inside Of the red channel so pound for pound Move for move we're on course we're Right on point and what happens next We'll take Everybody by surprise and I Want to cover that because this gray Area you can see it we were in this Orange and we just shifted to our gray Which is similar to the 2015. now we're Going to cover this in a moment but I Want to come to this chart and then We're going to come back here and cover What we believe is going to happen next But this chart is equally if not more Important this is the fibma and what We've set up here is you can see where Bitcoin is at right you can see this Beautiful purple line which back in 2018 We double bottomed and back in 2015 we Double bottom so we had Point number one

Was our high point number two was our First bottom Point number three was our Second bottom that finish that completed This entire move and then we entered Into our bull run which we had our next Top which is point number one we had our First bottom Point number two we had our Second bottom Point number three and That finished this entire move and That's when we transitioned into our Next rally which we had Point number one Point number two and potentially Point Number three what's also interesting About this fibma is this the first one Went rallied up past the red line right You could see right over here it rallied Past the red line meaning the all-time High rallied past the red line the Second all-time high rally to the red Line the third all-time high rallied to The green so each time it takes one step Backwards meaning if this pattern will Were to continue and it's been happening Since 20 13 10 years one decade if this Continues it says that the next all-time High will rally to the Orange Line Because again rallied above the red line Then to the red line and then to the Green line the next line is the orange Line so that's another thing that's Quite interesting now if you're Wondering what price would that be at Where is the orange line right now in Terms of price because we could

Potentially be completing this entire Move right move number one two and three Once that completes it transitions into The bull run which then the whole thing Starts over again until we have point One two and three again and then we Flush it out and now where is this Orange line right now as we speak keep In mind this orange line is falling Right it is falling at the moment but Right now as we speak we're just below 90k 89k right so if we took that Philosophy and extrapolated it out again This is a very rough guess at where the Next top could be but the chart right Here in front of us we're just basing it On the facts that we see here we don't Have a crystal ball nobody knows where The next top is going to be but what we Do know is that bitcoin's top and every Top shocks the high majority of people It does the opposite of what everyone Says right you all remember everyone was Chanting for a 100K Bitcoin we made a Video about it people were printing Shirts Bitcoin 100K back at the previous Rally and we made a video where we're Like hey we don't have a crystal ball But 100K is probably not going to happen Because the high majority of people Think it's going to happen so again on This channel we'd like to go against the Grain but we base it on facts we don't Just make something up to try to get

Clicks and Views that's why you probably Just subscribed this is just pure ta I Look at the chart I read it to you like A book and you take it for what it's Worth but this chart is saying it's Likely that we're gonna top around the Orange lot you don't want to hear that This is not a popular thing to say it's Not going to get you all jazzed up but It's the facts and the charts so men lie Women lie the charts don't lie right so Where are we now we're in this bottom Channel and the big picture is sometimes We spend you know an exorbitant amount Of time in this bottom channel right Like almost 300 days but at any point at The bottom here if you would have bought Bitcoin and held it long term you would Look like a superhero right we don't Enter this bottom channel for long Sometimes it's relatively short-lived Right 300 days sometimes it's even half Of that we're here now and we're inside Of this bottom Channel now so far for 245 days and you may be contemplating Hey should I add to my Bitcoin position Should I sell it should I wait till we Go lower the reality is we're in this Bottom Channel doesn't happen very often And you should probably take advantage Of it right and again these are just the Facts and the charts look for yourself We are in this bottom channel here we Were short-lived here very short-lived

In the coveted crash and now we've been In 204 45 days and probably for all that 245 days you're stressing yourself out Of oh my God should I wait till we go Lower I think the answer is right in Front of you now let's get to back to This chart and let's cover what's Happening here because we just turned This gray color after making our pivot High the same 161 days the same change From Gray to Red the same orange Underneath the orange changing to gray It's all the same that we see playing Out here on this beautiful super guppy Now oh real quick to all of my students That have this this is in the indicator Bundle if you want to know the settings That I'm using you can see the ma length Here and the ma type here and then you Can set it up for yourself so back to This chart super guppy love the super Guppy shout out to the super guppy now What we see Happening Here is we are in This beautiful orange color we made an Incredibly large rally 161 days since Our recent pivot high and we pretty much Had a little double top action right Above her head significant resistance You remember our previous video what we Showed you we had bullish Divergence Playing out we said hey don't be Surprised if we rally up to the red line And as we were rallying up to the red Line we said look our candles are

Getting smaller as we're reaching Resistance this could spell a little Price reversal don't be surprised if you Have a price reversal so we're in that Price reversal now and if we're Comparing patterns and we're being Honest with ourselves a legitimate Possibility which is right in front of Our faces is that Bitcoin could fall all The way back down to retest its base it Could fall out even below the orange Level and so where would that put price Right if that happened present day where Would that put price you can see our Orange level like these Grays would Eventually turn back to Orange these Orange levels are at 20K so if we're Falling below 20K we can't be surprised Right the fractal patterns are clear and This could happen now now does it mean That this is definitely going to happen And doesn't mean that Bitcoin is going To enter an even longer bear Market First question does this mean it's Definitely going to happen absolutely Not this is one chart one data point but There are other data points that are Saying we could do the same thing for Example this chart that we showed you Here when in 2015 when we had the yellow Line across the red we had one two three Rejections and then a major breakthrough In price first time breakthrough over a Year here we are in 2020 we had a yellow

Line break through the red we had one Two three rejections and then a major Explosion of price it's the same exact Fractal pattern and this chart is saying That we'll also retest our base so we Can't be surprised at Bitcoin if you Wake up in a couple weeks from now and We're below 20K and we're dropping to 19k etc etc right our base is obviously Around this 15. so worst case scenario We retest our base but that doesn't Change what's happening if we look at The charts and we look at this three Pattern that's been playing out since 2013 we could very well be completing And just about completing this entire Fractal pattern where we start fresh Into a nice Bull Run so no matter what The Outlook is still very positive okay We're still right where we need to be We're still at a very good place with Bitcoin worst case scenario we retest Our base and we've got to really study The charts as we're starting to move Down and having our price correction we Have to maintain our level of calm we Can't get too excited on the way up we Can't get too depressed on the way down You have to stay level-headed with me me And you level ahead every day and Nothing can waver that right so we'll Continue to study the charts now I Wanted to get into a little life lesson Something that's been very helpful for

Me and that's giving back you heard Earlier in the video we're going to give Back to people in need we have a whole Huge list of people that we've helped Before single moms single dads war vets People who are from a less fortunate Country people in a very tough financial Situation and I can't wait to help those Folks and for you to help spread that Positivity too but giving back is Remarkably powerful you know a lot of People collect all these material things I myself I'm not really one for all the Material things I don't own a lot of Things on purpose I've been traveling The world for a decade so it technically I've been homeless for a decade I don't Have like a home to go back to that just Collects all these things I don't need But I do love to give all of those Things away every time before I move to The next country it's one of my favorite Things to do with my son you know we Love sports so we'll collect some sports Things and put it in the house we'll Have basketball hoops basketballs some Fun things to make us smile and laugh And then when we move we take a lot of My son's toy toys that we've collected During that country we take all of our Sports things and we go to like an Orphanage or a single mom or a single Dad and we just gift the family like all Of these things and and to see the looks

On people's faces that's so fulfilling Right instead of like collecting all These material things for yourself and Holding on to them give them away I Guarantee in your house right now you Have a whole bunch of stuff like unless You're homeless like me and you just Travel you probably have a lot of stuff In your house watch the feeling when you Give it away go to a local orphanage go To a charity and don't give it to the Chair to give it to the kids and see the Look on their faces it's incredible so I Highly recommend you you do something This month just small even another thing I love to do is like if you're in line At 7-Eleven you're in line wherever buy The person behind you buy their stuff or The person in front of you buy their Stuff and see the reaction it's so cool It's like pure joy it's it's really Fulfillment to see the look on people's Faces when you you surprise them with Something cool so I'll leave you on that Note I'll see you right back here in the Next video February 20th is going to be A big day for you to sign up to the Indicator bundle to get something that's Going to alter your life and then you Get something for free a master class And you help somebody in Need by giving Them a free Master Class course as well February 20th I'll see you there peace And love to the fellow underdogs

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