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00:20 – Holiday sale
01:36 – Big Clue
01:44 – Blue Cross Down
01:51 – Full Momentum to the Upside
02:01 – Devastating Cross Down
02:14 – Weekly Stochastic RSI
02:18 – Bullish Divergence
02:34 – 20 & 40 Level
02:39 – 2 Week Chart
03:15 – Cross Up
03:22 – Bullish Momentum
04:22 – Holiday Sale

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Have you seen this chart right here Sunday is going to be so important for Bitcoin a very key Domino will fall on Sunday make sure you watch this video Before Sunday hit that subscribe button My name is Steve do you wish your Financial situation was better do you Want to recover those losses wouldn't it Be great if there was a simple and easy Solution to help you turn it all around Not only do I have your solution I just Made it 75 off for a limited time only Introducing our largest sale of the Year Cryptocrewuniversity.com 75 off on the all-in-one bundle go to Cryptocrewuniversity.com right now now You want to improve your financial Situation so did Jacob Sergio and Joe Just like you Joe doubled his money Sergio triple this money and Jacob in Two weeks made more money than to pay For the courses go to Cryptocrewuniversity.com sign up to the All-in-one this is your ticket to turn Everything around limited time only Massive savings happy holidays let's get To this chart Sunday Sunday Oh boy we've got to watch this very very Closely because there are some dominoes That are getting ready to fall and You've seen in our recent videos there's A pressure cooker forming and this could Be our big clue on Sunday we're going to

Print the newest part of this as it Stands right now it's not looking good We just had a Blue Cross down on Sunday We could avoid this and we could have This look like it's a full momentum to The upside or on Sunday this could print Its newest portion and it could be even A more devastating cross down which Would spiral our momentum out of control Now why is this important because as You've seen in our videos there's a Pressure cooker forming here and it's Gonna play out over the next two weeks We have a weekly stochastic RSI cross-up And we've got bullish Divergence forming Now Our bullish Divergence could be null and Void if we get rejection from this red Line and it sends us down but we're Looking for some keys in the market Because we also know a blue signal is Coming but we also looked at the 20 Level and the 40 level here and it's all Coming together because on the two-week Chart which has even less false signals Than the one week chart which we pointed Out a few days ago this two-week chart With our momentum is more powerful it's Far more powerful and uh more deadly and More bullish so what you want to look For are these crosses now we struggled With this little area here where we had A little bit of a cross down and then The following printed that cross up and

We've been in that stage this Sunday Could very well be that area where it Could help us have a continued cross-up If If we have a cross up on Sunday and it Shows a lot of bullish momentum that Momentum could help us try to get above The 40 level that momentum could help us Try to get above this red line which Would be very difficult and that could Be the Domino to help break this bullish Divergence and have it start to play out If we have a cross down a continued Cross down on this Sunday It would not be pretty it may cause us To break this 20 Level it may cause us To null and void our bullish Divergence Okay so this Sunday is going to be Critical we've got to watch it like a Hawk right now it's not looking good but This Sunday could change the course of Bitcoin it could be a major Domino to Fall let me know in the comments down Below how do you think this is going to Play out this Sunday we will revisit it In a video on Monday and we will give You the latest so make sure you hit that Subscribe button go to Cryptocareuniversity.com 75 off Huge largest sale of the Year I'll see You right back here in a video later Today peace and love to the fellow Underdogs [Music]

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