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In today’s episode of In The Game, Hustle is doing a deep dive into ImmutableX IMX. To make a good investment you need to be able to weigh up the pros and cons of a project and this deep dive is the perfect weigh-up to make a smart decision. Should you invest in this Altcoin? Join Hustle today to make sure you make the smart choice!

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Foreign [Music] What is up everybody welcome into Today's edition of In the game I am your Host hustle and as always we're going to Be diving in to the crypto gaming and Honestly nft yeah crypto gaming and nft Mainstream landscape today as we're Talking immutable X and everything that They're doing as they say in their own Words to power the next generation of Web 3 games I would say they've probably Onboarded more web 3 games on their Platform for the future than any other Protocol and the things they have in the Pipeline are definitely exciting so We're going to go over exactly what is IMX what kind of games do they have Coming to their platform because we all Know you know whenever you're looking Into the crypto gaming industry betting On and banking on projects that have a Landscape of games a plethora an Ecosystem hundreds of games coming to Their platform distribution almost as a Sense you know and having your own Blockchain as immutable X's sense that Is a home for games whereas having a Single game and having to bet on single Games is a lot tougher to pick winners Out of a sea of games but immutable X is One of the top tier platforms at Launching and incubating web 2 to web 3 Games so let's go ahead and dive into it

Like the video down below if you enjoy The content here on in the game and if You're bullish on the crypto gaming Metaverse future of the nft industry as Well subscribe to the channel for daily Shows here on crypto banter let's dive In as well shout out to our sponsors Here on in the game animocha Brands the Largest web3 gaming company in the world Immutable X leading platform for Building web 3 games on ethereum and This is not a sponsored video Specifically covering them if you go Back we've talked what is Gala we've Talked what is ultra what is Vulcan Forge this is just simply next in that Series of what is immutable immutable X Is a sponsor here on in the game but I Will always give credible coverage as Well so this will be a straightforward Video as always and Unix gaming the Leading web3 infrastructure in all of Web 3 gaming so let's dive right into it And immutable X is you know looking to Be the leading layer 2 scaling Solution On ethereum to you know incubate and Power the future of web 3 games and what They've done this year has been pretty Impressive they've grown from five to a Hundred plus games in 2022 over 50 Onboarded in the last three months of 2022 gaming conforms to power law we Only focus on games with sufficient Funds to be a 10 million plus player hit

And I mean that definitely makes sense We'll talk about their games in just a Second coming to their platform but the Strength of games that they do vet and Choose to come launch on their platform Definitely speaks for itself and Everything that Robbie and the team at IMX have done to this point I would say Is almost an industry standard and you Know they've powered gods and change so Far games like Ember sword eluvian block Lords and we'll show some of those games Here in just a moment they obviously Power the GameStop nft Marketplace so a Brand like GameStop and no matter what You think of GameStop it is Big whenever A massive conglomerate when it comes to Gaming everyone has Nostalgia walking And selling your games getting ripped Off by GameStop right or uh you know Going and camping out I camped out for Multiple games when I was a kid right to Get Call of Duty at midnight so there's A lot of memories tied to that using Their startware technology they're able To bring nfts to GameStop's nft's Platform uh and you know GameStop nft is Going to host a plethora of their gaming Lineup here uh you know kind of showing This video uh Ember sword Wagner games Uh congregate eluvium these will all be Launching on the nft marketplace on Immutable X now the one thing about Immutable X is blockchain and right now

And let's just see if we can go ahead And pull this up I will try to get this Up on the side Go over here And get up their data so right now they Are picking up activity on their chain Uh for the most part and uh for the most Part of their blockchain so far the Games that are coming to the platform Are in the future and that is not Necessarily uh you know that is not Necessarily a bad thing but what Robbie And the team are doing over at immutable X are definitely loading up for the Future of this industry and it's going To be interesting to see uh you know Where exactly they fall amongst the Blockchain race it's really polygon Versus IMX right polygon has a host of Games on it right now and building in The future but imx's lineup of games When it comes to Undead blocks uh Undead Block says the the Call of Duty zombies Of the blockchain you know of web 3 Gaming they're multiplayer squads comes Out soon as well that's going to be Amazing playing Undead blocks with your Friends and this is powered by immutable X we have eluvium none other than Kieran And the team's creation over there with The Overworld gameplay with the land Gameplay with the creature capture Gameplay there's so much going on within The eluvium ecosystem the huge land cell

And that was powered by IMX as well if You participated in that that is all Through imx's technology here's a Glimpse of what we're looking at as far As uh the scenery and the movement as And uh you know some of the environments That we're going to see inside of Eluvium and this is nothing short of Impressive and uh the guys are you know The guys at alluvium are building a top Tier game and these are the level of Products as Robbie said That they're looking to incubate on IMX He said games no other than games that We think can capture 10 million plus Players there is no dispute that a lot Of these games have a far reach and Undead blocks has been killing it with The tournaments and the plethora of Money that they're giving away we have Ember sword which is kind of an RPG game We have deletion which we hosted here on The show uh with a shrapnel their game Looks really really good kind of like a AI powered third person shooter it's Really really impressive with their Building and this is the quality of Projects that Robbie and the team want To bring into IMX and there's no Question why Brands like Marvel and Other big Brands want to incubate and They're not more so focused on here's The difference When it comes to polygon versus IMX

Polygon is really triggering on the Mass Business appeal so they're looking to Get the biggest businesses on board in The world and really bring their product Into web3 while immutable X is not Against that by any means being a big Businesses onboarding solution for their Services like Starbucks loyalty like Reddit uh like the future of projects Like uh Instagram nfts Facebook Everything with meta everything was Stripe and all their big partners that Have that polygon have had over this Bear Market immutable is focused like no Other on games gaming gaming is where This industry is and as Robbie terms it Himself from the team from immutable X He says you know 200 billion dollar Industry that you know the players just Get milked out of and IMX is looking to Bring the power back to the players and That's a fantastic Mantra and that's Exactly what we preach here uh you know That's exactly what we preach on in the Game as we see here uh over 58 million Nfts minted this year zero dollars in Gas I would have to assume that might be Off now that we're 10 days into a new Year that would just be my assumption uh The number one platform in nft trades 10 Million NF trade nft nft trades this Year and it's designed for games to Appeal to mainstream Gamers mint Millions of nfts for free build in hours

With apis and supercharge their Distribution now these are the types of Quality platforms that I preach on the Show all the time is the big studios the Infrastructures the blockchains So let's get around to the big question Right uh when we're looking at the IMX Token and everyone wants to know you Know is IMX a good investment for the Future and a couple of key points a Couple of key points I first of all Think that immutable X is one of the top Tier web 3 gaming projects if not one of The top two web three gaming projects in The space uh probably vim and Gala games As far as product and continuous Development and delivery right a Continuous development and delivery I Would say in the crypto gaming landscape Lens industry by itself excluding like a Polygon Just due to them being like a top 10 Token I would really say that immutable X is a top two project just by the Quality of project lens but let's look At the tokenomics lens because we cannot Just get caught up in Glitz and glamor Whenever it all comes down to it we have To be realistic and when you look at the Market caps here 377 million to 984 million so a couple Of caveats in a bull market this will Not matter in a bull market as we're Seeing uh I'll kind of we're having an

Uptrend in crypto gaming right now and We're seeing immutable X definitely you Know paying a paying a nice benefactor From that uh over the last seven days You know up from 40 cents up to 49 cents Uh definitely has been a rapid Gainer Over this little miniature crypto gaming Bull run from Gala games acquiring a Studio with 20 million users kind of Triggering its own little narrative for Our industry but IMX definitely has a Big discrepancy between fully diluted And normal Market app and as we see here The circulating supply is about 38 of The supply Next unlock is in 17 days so in a bull Run and we saw this play out in 2021 uh We don't really it doesn't really matter In the fall of 2021 tokens that had 50x Differences in their fully diluted and Their market caps were completely going Crazy and 10xing because nobody cares in A bull market about the tokenomics or The token unlocks people just Degen into Everything that's good and hope it goes Up that's just the mentality of Investors right but savviest investors In the world play tokenomics and if You're looking at projects like Immutable X follow their tokenomics when The unlock events do happen over time Immutable X will be one of the absolute Best opportunities and best projects in The entirety of the market I would like

To see a couple more unlocks play out Before I do personally get you know Personal involvement into the token and Start my dcas into a project like Immutable X uh but I think you know with Tokenomics in mind and the uncertainties Of the market still and the and if we do Just go into this crazy bullish Trend Then throw the tokenomics out the window And bet on quality projects because That's where the money's gonna go Absolutely and immutable X top 100 token I believe the market Cap's even bigger Than Gala game still uh if I'm not Mistaken I believe that they're ranking And I'll I'll go over to my watch list Here quickly Um just to double check that They are still bigger in market cap by 12 tokens here uh than uh than Gala Games for example so I would really like To see a couple of these tokenomics uh Unlocks play out A or B if we just have A continuation of a bull run like I said Bet on quality projects and immutable X Definitely fits that build but from a Project landscape Undisputably IMX is one of the best web 3 gaming metaverse nft projects out There I mean speaks for itself that a Hundred plus games at the Quality levels Of Undead of eluvium of delicium of Ember sword Guild of Guardians all the Big Brands GameStop wearable you know

It's definitely no dispute what they've Done to this point and I'm excited to See what Robbie and the team deliver in The future and as the tokenomics play Out I will definitely be looking to have A position in one of the absolute Strongest projects on the blockchain as Far as F3 gaming but as a Savvy investor And being realistic I have to let those Tokenomics play out just a little bit Before I get involved personally but This is never Financial advice uh you Know we I mean I'm always just letting You know exactly my clear-cut lens of What I'm looking at the team is a plus The quality of the project is a plus the Technology is a plus the brands the Games coming to the project is a plus And then when it gets to tokenomics I Would say it's definitely down you know Closer to probably a c at the moment but As those unlocks play out the tokenomics Will get gain strength and at that time I'll be really gaining more conviction In the IMX token uh but that's just a Realistic lens of what is IMX and Probably the biggest web3 onboarder Right now as far as gaming so let me Know down below your thoughts on Immutable X and the immutable X token And everything that they're building in The future like the video down below if You enjoy and subscribe to the channel For daily shows here on crypto banter

I'll be back with another video later This week as always play well my friends Foreign [Music]

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