WHAT? MILLIONS GONE! Dogecoin, Shiba Inu & Bitcoin Breaking News

WHAT? MILLIONS GONE! Dogecoin, Shiba Inu & Bitcoin Breaking News

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Dogecoin and Bitcoin are two of the most popular and valuable digital currencies on the market today. And things are only going to get better for them in the future!

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Watch this video to get the latest and breaking Dogecoin news !! Do not miss every second of Dogecoin breaking news… This is a must see must watch breaking news video about Dogecoin. we support the Dogecoin army!!

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⚠️Note of caution: all of our videos are personal opinions. Do your own research. Never take one person’s opinion for financial advice. There are many strategies and there is not one strategy fits all people. Our videos ARE NOT financial advice.

Whoo hey everyone this is Daryl from Daily crypto trading has come to your Live live from Vietnam guys it's great To be back in Vietnam it's great to be Back in the driver's seat it's great to Be back home after almost a week of Traveling to Mumbai to Bangkok guys it Is a great time to be live and guys I Just want to have uh send out my Condolences to all the people of turkey Hopefully things get better and the Blessings will be everybody out there so Guys I'm so so sad about the whole Earthquake thing but hopefully hopefully Things will recover and hopefully Everybody can do their part to assist And help out there guys so we're going To be talking about Millions have gone Guys absolutely Millions have gone what Is that that we're going to be talking About I'm going to be on Dogecoin Bitcoin and all the other cool crypto News out there so if this sounds Interesting if this sounds cool Get ready to go down the freaking crypto Rabbit hole with OG guys a great time to Be alive don't get to go down there lick The likes both the likes smash the like Smash like incinerate the likes and gets Get it right freaking out remembering All this financial advice just the whole Gene house expressing my opinion and Guys right now we're seeing it take a Look at the daily on chain flow the

Unchained flow is actually looking very Good we're seeing more netflow off Exchanges off exchanges uh into you know Private hands custodial wallets and all That kind of stuff so that is pretty Good however when it comes to a thing We're seeing the opposite happening more Ethereum is being pushed on to exchanges And we're seeing that right now also too We are seeing more of an outflow of Bitcoin into the old coins as well so We're gonna talk about that guys keep in Mind that tomorrow we've got some big Big uh initial jobless claims that is Coming out guys so that is coming out as Well uh so it looks like also shares of Michael Kors parent uh Capri plummeted 19 whoa what is happening and uh you Know it looks like it looks like a you Know uh that the jobless uh jobless Claims are going to be less guys uh than I anticipated so hopefully that's going To be pretty good but we are seeing that Right now that Jeremy Paul heiski he did Come out and say that fetchair policy is Inflation is uh starting to ease but Interests will still likely to raise out There so I'm still thinking that we're Going to get about 0.25 basis points I Think if that happens to Market's going To react pretty positively out there so What is going on right now uh in terms Of the total market cap breakdown for The cryptocurrency space out there we

Are seeing that right now we're having a Green Day all of the cryptocurrencies Are up at 1.19 time recording so I'm not Too shabby and 1.08 trillion we are Seeing that right now the Bitcoin Dollars are 41.2 so not too good not too Bad not too bad and we're seeing that The ethereum dominance is rising so We're seeing more money flowing out of Bitcoin right now uh into ethereum and We can definitely see that because Ethereum is up over two percent right Now where uh a Bitcoin is only up about 0.5 so that's good we are seeing that The all coins are actually starting to Outperform bitcoin right now so that is Pretty good seeing card on a cardinal up About 2.7 we are seeing right now that Our Jews your douche and guys if you Love The Doors like I love the dough Don't forget to smash dude's going 111 555 and 333 out there guys and if you're One of the trolls one of the haters I Love you you gotta do you you do you if You feel that you want to be vitriol Again you want to be condescending and Just hateful go ahead and do that but I Just want to say we much love out there To all of you out there we're seeing my Polymonic is going up as well guys so That is pretty cool uh Shiba Inu is only Up about half percent Avalanche two percent so you know the Big big winner looks like we're seeing

That the polymatic is going that's also Too we are seeing a lot of the gaming a Lot of the gaming tokens are going up And also we're seeing a lot of the uh The uh AI tokens AI you know artificial Intelligence uh related tokens going up We're going to be talking about some of The uh you know more popular AI tokens That are actually blasting off we're Going to be talking about that as well So that's going to be interesting guys Uh we're seeing the XY going up 102. We're seeing that uh Bitcoin right now Is just barely holding on to 23 000 you Could see a bit of a breakdown from that Perspective we're still but we're still Got four days left on this uh weekly uh Candle and it's looking 50 50 if we're Going to be going green or be going uh Going around out there a theorem right Now is a 1670. it's just hiking on a Support line so we could be seeing uh Invalidation that support we could be Seeing a breakdown to the downside I Guess right now some of the top 10 Mentions uh uh coins on Twitter right Now are BTC phantom phantom them Phantom Guys uh don't sleep on Phantom because Phantom is actually coming back guys Let's take a look at Phantom Now this is one of uh one of dragon's Favorite coins out there but Phantom is Definitely making some movie moves as You can see here Phantom has started to

Come back we did see what what kind of Timeframe we're looking at here we Didn't see that Phantom uh if we take a Look at on the monthly time frame we are Seeing that Phantom is coming back it Has had like a low almost on the 11th uh 111th of about 24 cents it did it did it Did pick up a high about 64 cents it's Come down a little bit but it's coming Back but Phantom is definitely making Some moves so guys don't sleep on Phantom I like Phantom not Financial Advice of course you do you out there From that perspective so you know other Coins that are coming back polymatic is Coming up B and B Litecoin did you bite Uh Singularity Shiba Inu and Dogecoin These are some of the top coins so we're Seeing Shiba Inu and douche coin uh Coming back don't forget we got the Shabir guys we're absolutely seeing that Also dokwan Manhunt brings South Korean Cops to sabir so it looks like the South Korean says uh looking looking forward Don't want soap on a rope guy out there And he's definitely hiding out in uh Severe so it looks like they they are Looking for him I think there's I think They're going to get him I think he's Going to be NAB he's probably hiding on The Rock and cringing out there so it Looks like Alameda uh wallets have been Activated and millions have been Transferred millions are gone guys

Millions have actually been transferred And this is actually coming from uh John Ray the new CEO what he's doing is he is Also suspected behind the transfers of Part of the bunk characteristic Proceedings because he's trying to claw Back as much of the funds as possible so Millions have been gone millions are Gone from the Alameda wallets and being Transferred to FDX and hopefully Hopefully that Arkham added another Alameda Link ethereum account woke up on February 7th and received over 600 Thousand dollars worth of cryptos guys So a lot of these tokens are coming back To FTX and hopefully there's going to be Some distribution back to the customers Out there guys so that is pretty good Out there so also last week blockchain Security firm Peck Shield alerted alert Flag that 13 million dollars worth of Crypto assets that has been transferred To a wallet believed to building to Amazing consolidation have been linked And sent back to FDX so that is pretty Good news out there but billions Millions not billions Millions with them Have been gone are gone guys and they've Gone back to their most rightful owner So some of the top AI crypto tokens and Projects ready to Skyrocket we are Seeing that fetch AI uh is showing uh Some pretty sizable growth out there Start at 27 and now we're at 55 cents so

That is that is pretty cool guys almost 100 on 1X up there we're also seeing the Graph of GRT a decentralized indexing Protocols also making some move it Started 808 cents and now we're seeing Over 20 cents so also another 100x out There now Singularity is also making Some moves at 17 cents and also now it's Also up almost uh almost 60 cents so That's almost like a 3X from there so That is insane Big Data protocol bdp is Also looking pretty good start off at Zero three cents and now it is topping Out at 70 cents guys so if you wrote This rocket from three cents up to 70 Cents you'd made out like Flynn this is Like one of these Dogecoin uh miracle Miracle Wonder tokens out there so this Is a liquid Marketplace for commercial Valuable data uh also ocean protocol We're saying ocean protocol is a big Data Pro that powers AI I started 34 Cents uh it went as high as 55 but it Hasn't not as done as fantastic as a bdp Now guys do not fomo into these things Right now they're they're kind of like Pastor Prime uh there's a lot of people Talking about AI right now ai is the big Big deal out there so guys get ready AI Is coming guys did you guys know that Almost uh 5.6 billion plus people will Be using digital wallets by the end of This decade and this is new research That coming out from Arc investment that

Indicate the digital watch are replacing Banks and credit cards around the world And this is just a matter of time to the Time time so U.S unique digital wallet Users Arc investment estimate setup you Know these things are definitely going To be going up like crazy we're going to See a huge huge growth spurt and we're Going to see most of it is going to be Coming from Europe Middle East and Africa so we're going to see a lot of Stuff coming in for Africa so we're Going to be seeing that developing Countries are going to basically latch Onto this new technology faster than Europe and the West so interesting Interesting fun fact Bitcoin amount of Huddle or lost coins just reaching All-time high so we're seeing that the The conviction of the heartlers are Still going up still pretty positive I Believe that this bull run is inevitable We're going to be seeing a huge huge Slow accumulation in the upward Direction there may be Peaks there will Be frequent valleys but all overall We're going to see Wendy trending as our Friend and we're going to be going up Like crazy out there and once we get the Once we hit the Bull Run guys and that Bull run is going to be happening Shorter or sooner than later guys we're Going to see a huge massive Peak so Let's say March 29th is a new new uh

Having and that's going to happen in 2024 when that happens at 414 days away From now we're going to see a massive Massive explosion like never before guys Also the price of Bitcoin is still in an Uptrend looking at the four hour chart Guys so this is a four hour chart here These are some of the the support this Is some of the support areas that we Have right now and it looks like that You know we are still continuing to have Upper momentum and and it is true that We are losing some momentum but we are Only confirm a large Crux as soon as it Breaks below the 22-4 so right now we're Still above the 22-4 so that is pretty Good and this seems to be our support Line for Bitcoin I still think that you Know we've had these At these Peaks we had the valleys Peaks Valleys Peak Valley Pig Valley Pig Valley and I think now we're going up For another peak of a retest guy so I Think that we could we could go we could Actually go up there I think we could Blast up to twenty four thousand dollars Guys so don't forget to comment don't Forget smash likes guys psychology of The market guys stealth the stuff smart Money buys at the stuff individual Investors buys at the first awareness Phase and then this is where the Mania Phases were in jail public and everybody Starts you know foaming in and going

Crazy and often the smart money and the Institutional investors start to sell at This area called the new paradigm and Then after that uh we had the blog phase And this is normally what happens is a Lot of a lot of people they they Basically buy here at a formal hand this Thing goes the top then they you know Then it goes down they hold up bang bear Trap and then it just crashes down and Most most retail investors end up buying On the way up and they sell on their way Down and they lose many guys so best way To protect your assets is just all Across the average in a whole and also Guys Bitcoin why would people continue To trust the Bears posting ta when they Miss the most obviously play it's fine They missed the double bonds but a very Clear break uh this line guys so we can See we had this whole they had all these Double bottoms Right double trouble Double trouble uppity up up we have Consolidation nice uh bull flag there on The uh by Bitcoin daily and guys we're Still looking pretty good upper Trend Face but you know we are seeing a lot of Bears who are doing some ta and they're Saying oh bitcoin's crashing everything Is going down down don't believe it for A second guys I believe that we're in Accumulation facing it's going to be a Slow slow Upward grind but it's going to be steady

Windy trendy is your friendly guys once Again the huddlers are going nuts guys And right now for the price of Deuce Coin Dogecoin still had zero nine one Six uh let's take a look what Dogecoin Looks like on the daily right now So we can see the dewishcoin on The Daily let's get this coin on The Daily Right now so Dogecoin on The Daily is Still looking pretty pretty good out There So right now douche coin on the freaking Nearly is at zero nine one nine uh it's Still looking pretty good but we're Still seeing the nine Cent level as Holding that is good we're seeing that We're well above the EMA ribbons on The Daily things are still looking pretty Positive even though it's a little bit Of consolidation I think that we're Going to see Dogecoin consolidating uh Probably between nine cents and nine Zero nine eight we're going to see that Consolidation for some time to come Maybe another week or two guys so don't Panic don't don't don't don't try it Guys don't fret don't fret we're seeing Dogecoin in terms of the marketing cap Right now we're seeing doors is up about 0.73 percent It's about 12.18 billion so I'm not too Shabby we're still seeing the volumes Above uh half a billion so guys it's Still looking pretty good news wise for

Doge nothing really is is happening Going back to Academy news on February Three and we're talking a lot of people Talking about the Dogecoin couch thing There's nothing really much big news Wise for a douche coin and news guys do Keep in mind that that Elon Musk he did Uh he did tweet out uh June 18th that He's still supporting the Doge and uh You know definitely he's definitely do That doing that I remember those Queens Of people currency doge is on the way to One dollar remember one dose is still Worth one dose so don't forget that guys And a lot of people you know the freak Out they Panic you know they bought Those at the top and remember you Haven't lost anything to you sell your Dojo a lot so don't freaking do that Guys remember one Dogecoin is still one Of those guys wake up smell the freaking Coffee time to smell the coffee and guys Once again not to be a broker David Court Dogecoin we can freaking do it I Remember February 17 2023 at 10 A.M PST 12 P.M Central or 1pm EST get to Twitter And and guys tweet out this tweet out Tweet out tweet out whatever freak out If you want whatever what you need to do Is take the Dogecoin logo tweet it out Hashtag Dogecoin make sure you do that It is so freaking important that you do That make sure you do that and guys a Picture says a thousand words it's from

Doge designer and maybe meme say Ten Thousand Words guys Those going to the freaking Moon let's Do it let's if we can do it guys and Remember as I said those kinds of Potential to break above 16 cents all we Need is more love and a formula must and We do need we do need more love from Elon Musk and the mini me Batman right Here we need more freaking love out There I'm telling you we need more love Out there Elon Musk send those coins to The freaking Moon let's do it right now Guys so those coins it's it's inevitable Guys be patient Diamond hands all that Kind of stuff you heard it all before Time and time again but you got to do it You gotta hold on and guys hey hey hey Hey hey don't forget to uh join the Discord guys I'll be part of our be part Of the conversation don't forget to do That and guys uh let's take a look a Quick look at Shiba Inu right now Shiba Inu it's kind of just doing this thing It's just kind of going sideways and we Got this pen in formation uh flag Formation that's formed and you know I Believe that we're going to see 18 18 Actually 18 four zeros and eighteen Coming up should be will be will be out There hey guys uh so that's gonna bring This video to close it was it was you Don't get a call follow me amateur Follow

The yellow blue out there and don't Forget to smash like And subscribe Remember liking subscribing doesn't cost You anything out there take the time Show some love show some discipline We're showing some love guys and that's Gonna bring this video to a freaking Close guys it's time to exit with the OG The cool Audrey glasses I'm cool yeah The man and black guys here I'm gonna go I'm gonna go full full full Mode out there the OG the OG looking Cool you looking cool back in Vietnam From from Mumbai and from uh Bangkok Guys I wish I saw a Bangkok okay so I'll See you next one enough for all the Silliness after don't forget to smash The like subscribe I'll see you next Time guys it's a great day so after work Tomorrow morning look at them you like The hairdo this is called the messy Hairdo I actually would not do that not Too bad I guess so messy hairdo hats off Hats off out there and back to work Tomorrow up and early so I gotta get Some sleep I've been traveling to Mumbai And Bangkok out there and the shingle Things I still got the shingles the rash Is gone update yeah but still you know The the the the the the virus and the Nerves ouch sometimes you get this Lightning pain it's like it's painful It's pain so guys that's it next one I I

Digress I digress I digress peace out Thank you Foreign

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