Crypto Keeper shares why the last six months as highlighted the need for decentralization like never before. Self-custody of your crypto and use of decentralized protocols is not ripping people off. It is the thing that puts the power of financial sovereignty back into the hands of the people.
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Decentralization is something that You're going to hear myself Ben and many Other influencers talk about and I think A lot of times it kind of falls on deaf Ears is this just a buzzword that we're Using in crypto well no it's not because These decentralized protocols that we Talk about are not ripping people off The centralization the greed that comes Along with it with the money and the Power that's where all the corruption Comes from that's why people are losing Money and that's why we're sitting here Right now so we as the crypto space I Think can bond together as both Influencers combined with obviously all Everyone that's watching this needs to Be a group gesture this needs to be a Push it needs to be a movement towards We don't need other people making Decisions all the time for us we have The ability to do this ourselves

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