Will Bitcoin CRASH Again – An Honest Hot Take

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0:00 Intro
01:43 – Daily Chart
02:28 – Bearish Divergence
02:38 – RSI
02:52 – Bullish Divergence
03:39 – Double Top
04:12 – Weekly Chart
04:29 – 20 MA
04:38 – Fractal Pattern
06:05 – 18,000
07:00 – Resistance
07:30 – Big Candles
08:53 – Stochastic RSI
09:52 – Thin Ice
10:09 – Bullish Engulfing Candle

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Will Bitcoin CRASH Again – An Honest Hot Take


Bitcoin has gone on a major rally Leaving a lot of people wondering will Bitcoin drop in prices again will it Allow you to buy cheaper Bitcoin before The Bull Run starts how low can we drop When will it happen I want to have an Honest video is it possible that Bitcoin Could have one last capitulation if You're new here my name is Steve this is Where we have honest facts in the charts If you're new here you're going to love This channel when everybody goes left we Go right we're rule Breakers we stand Out from the crowd we talk about just The facts and the charts hit that Subscribe button you're gonna love it Here Today we're going to talk about several Key charts and talk about an honest Conversation and some people in the herd May read this title and just start Commenting right away oh my God Steve Was bullish yesterday and now he's Bearish today this is an honest take Video is it possible have I changed my Stance absolutely not I haven't changed My stance in the past several years it's Always been incredibly consistent so if You're confused about my stance Please watch any of my videos this is a Video about is it possible because a lot Of people are waiting are waiting for a Final capitulation or waiting for Further downside action so they can add

To their position this is an honest Video based on only the facts in the Charts it's not a coin flip or what I Think is going to happen or what I think Might happen there's no might or if it's All fact based in this video we're going To start on the daily chart and we've Got some pretty heavy bearish Divergence Happening here which we need to address It's continuing to happen it's been Happening for several weeks now and We're gonna get into it but if you want Tremendous tremendous value and you want To make better trades right now I'm Doing you a massive favor if you go to Crypto crew university.com you can scoop Up this free absolutely free 1000 free There's no hidden crap we don't play Those games you plug in your information Here and it's going to help you trade Better today right so go to Cryptocrewuniversity.com and scoop that Up one thousand percent free right now Cryptocrewuniversity.com so We've got this bearish Divergence right We we have prices making a high another Higher high another higher high and Another higher high while the RSI is Making a high a lower high another lower High and another lower high this is Bearish Divergence and this will break Soon right right here on this channel we Covered the bullish Divergence which was Happening in the charts previously right

We've had this bullish Divergence over The course of six months right so we had Our our low here our lower low and at The same time the RSI was doing the Opposite this is over six months the Longer that you have this forming Bullish Divergence or bearish Divergence The more powerful it is plain and simple Right so we have bearish Divergence it's Formed over a couple weeks not over six Months and if you looked at the top like Our recent top right We had our first top here and our double Top here at the same time that we had That Divergence and that Divergence was Split over about eight months okay so That's why we had incredible bearish Divergence happen right at our double Top which really plummeted prices okay So we had this incredibly strong bullish Divergence which has happened to be ran Out of our bottom and that's forming What we see today but short term short Term we have this bearish Divergence Forming let's make sure we're clear that This is short term it's not six months It's not eight months it's a couple Weeks so how far could that plummet Prices we'll get into it in a moment but I want that to be on your radar all Right the next chart is on the weekly Chart we've been covering this 2015 Fractal pattern versus the 2022 fractal Pattern it starts right here with the

Cross this Yellow Line crossing the red Line right if you want to know know what The yellow line is the yellow line is The 20ma the red line is the 100ma okay And we're on a weekly chart when you Have the yellow line cross the red line It starts a specific fractal pattern and We had denial number one denial number Two and denial number three and then a Plow through in bullish price 2022 we have the yellow line across the Red line Denial number one denial number two Denial number three and a plow through In prices Men lie women lie the charts don't lie This fractal pattern we've been covering For months and months and months and Months and months and it's played out to The T right we haven't been above this Yellow line literally since way back Here momentarily or way back here and Same with 2015. it was a long time uh Once we finally got above the the the The yellow line here it was literally Like a year since we had been above There so it's pretty cool to play out Like this but again this chart is saying Like hey in 2015 after we plowed through In price had a ton of Polish action we Actually came down to test our base so Is that a possibility Yes it's a possibility do I think that The bottom is in yes do I think Bitcoin

Will plummet and destroy our base and And turn 2023 into some bloodbath and And have the high majority of people be Correct I don't think so I don't think So but let's be honest this is a Possibility look at the chart here okay So if you wake up next week or the week After or the week after that and Bitcoin Is falling and it's at 18 000 and 17 000. we can't freak out we Can't freak out because that's in the Carts okay now let's get to our next Chart This one is had that bullish Divergence And we broke but when we broke this Bullish Divergence it came out of the Pressure cooker too this is a two year Long pressure cooker that Bitcoin was in You can see here it started way back in The in the beginning of 2021 literally a Couple years ago and we're in this down Tending line a pressure cooker it burst But look what happened to price action Right this red line is just not an Ordinary Red Line this red line played a Significant role in every single bear Market it played a significant role in The covid crash holding support Significant role in 2018 crash holding Support significant role in 2015 crash Holding support not once but twice at Our double Bottom now it's our Resistance okay anytime you break Support it's our resistance anytime you

Break resistance it becomes support it's Very simple game now this is our Resistance we set it from the beginning As soon as we broke bullish Divergence We even set it before before we broke Bullish Divergence do not be surprised If we rally all the way up to this red Line so now we've rallied all the way up To this red line some people are Surprised we're not surprised so what Happens next well one of the concerns is We had these really big candles as You're going into resistance you want to See candles get bigger if they get Bigger it's a sign we're going to break Through that resistance this holds true On any time frame remember that fact go Into charts and look at them after this Video and you'll be like holy crap this Is really cool trick when you have Candles kit smaller as they approach an Extreme level of resistance it's not a Good sign okay we have these big candles And it got smaller then it got smaller Then it got smaller we have resistance Right above our head as we're getting Smaller candles not a good sign so is it A good it's still a good sign in the big Picture yeah we're still on track in the Big picture what I'm talking about more In this video is more short term so Again some people are going to be Confused by the title but the title is Could Bitcoin or will Bitcoin crash

Again is it possible I didn't say will Bitcoin destroy its bottom and make a New low and all of this craziness so Please help me in the comments if you See some people in the herd that just Looked at the title and didn't watch Anything or maybe they clicked on the Video to watch it and they plugged their Ears and they closed their eyes and you Know you know the people I'm talking About so look we've got smaller candles Heading into resistance we have a major Uh bullish move here watch the Stochastic side this will give us a Major clue this is our momentum on the Weekly we're still looking good but we Could have a cross down in the coming Weeks let's let's get to this chart and Then I want to give a rounded out Example of what I think is going to Happen and then I want to give you a Major trading tip a major trading tip That's going to help you today and a tip That you'll remember for the rest of Your life I'm going to give you that in A moment as well but we have some Bearishness in the market right we had This bearish Divergence we got some Things happening we have this we could Test our bottom this is all kind of bad News I do want to leave you with some Good news you know this is kind of some Bad news smaller candles resistance I Want to leave you with some good news

And then I'm going to give my honest Take and then we're going to get to the Tip so this is the monthly chart this is A candle that just closed this green Candle right here The reason it's so significant is we Were just on some thin ice we were Holding this level 19.5 as support for Month after month after month after Month after month this was our breakdown Candle in November this candle in December actually closed right below our Thin ice and then this bullish candle Came in this is a bullish engulfing Candle bullish engulfing means it's Green and it means the prior candle has To be red and it means the prior candle Has to be having a smaller body than That green candle if all of those things Are true it's a bullish engulfing candle But this is not just any bullish Engulfing candle This is pretty major right if you look At the size of the candle we haven't had That big of a candle literally since uh This top in October of 2021 and Previously you can see these green Candles here are very very major right So we haven't seen this bullishness come Into the market this is a major major Development we need this candle in February to hold support at 19.5 okay we Needed to hold support at 19.5 at the Close of the candle if we do that that's

A very very very major sign for the Future watch that like a hawk 19-5 with The body can our Wick go through 19-5 Hell yeah we can have a wick go wherever The hell we want it as long as the body Is closing here we're looking really Good okay now let's get to some honest Opinions here so is it possible that Bitcoin could crash again Yes is it possible that we break our Bottom and crash even further yes is it Probable That we break our bottom and crash Further no I do not think so according To all the facts that I study So is it possible yes is it probable no How about what should you do if you're Waiting for Bitcoin to have some sort of Downfall so you can add to your bags Again it's more risky to be out of Bitcoin than to be in Bitcoin plain and Simple can Bitcoin fall yes if it does Then you scoop up more if you're looking For Fast Money get the hell out of Bitcoin you're gonna get destroyed you Should not be in Bitcoin at all if You're looking for to make fast money You're in it for the wrong reasons any Human that's looking to make fast money In any industry is going to get burned You have to remove that mindset money Success is a series of small wins plain And simple talk to anybody that's Achieved any level of success it was

Never an overnight success it's not Going to be for you either you can't Expect oh my God you can win the lottery But yeah join that crew who loses all Their money in a few years because they They made fast money plain and simple Success is a series of small wins and That's a fact now it if you're looking To add to your bags yeah you can wait For some sort of downfall this Divergence could definitely play out It's going to play out eventually and if Prices will fall but maybe we come back To this little base that we formed here You know around 20K and we start to hold That so we'll we'll see I mean no matter What the bottom I believe is in if we Retest our bottom we retest it's not Really a major thing this Divergence is Going to play out eventually it could Play out like this chart we do have Smaller candles heading into resistance It's going to take some muscle to get Through this resistance and once we Start to hold this red line and support It's game on it's really game on we do Have a lot of bullishness coming into The market so we cannot and ignore that A lot of the bullishness is saying look Bitcoin has turned to Corner Bitcoin has Bottomed and Bitcoin is getting ready For a bull run that's the big picture That's not gonna that hasn't changed Right that has not changed so I would do

Want to make all of those points clear Now I want to give you a trading tip Okay one of the biggest lessons that you Will learn in trading one lesson that Will really really help you a lesson That will put you on A New Path a lesson That will alter the way that you've done What you've been doing so far what You've been doing so far with your Trading is kind of just hoping for the Best right you get into a position You're like man I hope it goes up and Then when it starts going down you're Like oh what the hell I should have you Know I knew I should have waited I knew I should have bought that and then when It goes up you're like damn I wish I Bought more these are all emotional Thoughts and emotion is a money killer That's the lesson for today if you want To kill your money lead with emotional Decisions though all of those things I Just said I guarantee you've thought Those things I guarantee it I guarantee It when Bitcoin starts going up you're Like I should have bought more I Knew I should have bought it I knew it Then when it starts going down you're Like oh I knew I should have waited Those are all emotional decisions and That will kill your money you need to Control your emotions it's the hardest Thing to do it's literally the hardest Thing to do humans have always had

Trouble controlling their emotions with Money historically even way back when we Were cavemen we had these spices and Things that represented money it was Still super emotional We couldn't control our motion for the History of mankind with money it's very Difficult to do but if you master it oh My goodness my courses teach you how to Master it and again you can get the free Courses at cryptocureniversity.com uh The paid courses obviously are on a Substantially different level in terms Of value but You have to control your emotions Whether you learn from me or somebody Else eventually you're probably going to Come back to me Um you know you get what you pay for in Life but again this is the hardest Lesson to do I want you to really focus On that I want you to think about the Next trade you make am I making an Emotional decision and how you react to That trait is it an emotional play or is It the facts in the charts right make it Clear make clear-cut rules to follow and You cannot trade unless these things are Met and you cannot sell unless these Things are met if you had very black and White strategy this will change Everything for you until you have that Until you learn how to control emotions It's you're going to keep achieving the

Same results and look at the results You've been achieving be honest with Yourself it's probably not great you Probably want better results and one of The leading reasons you're not having The results you need is emotion plain And simple so I'll leave you on that Note comment down below if this connects With you let me know your story with how You started to control troll emotion or Your battle with it right now I'll see you right back here in the next Video make sure you subscribe peace and Love to the fellow underdogs do you want To know when to buy and when to sell Click this video right now

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Top Crypto News Sites

If you’re looking for the best crypto news, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of the top outlets that cover unbiased crypto news.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced investor, it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest cryptocurrency developments. This will help you make the most informed decisions when it comes to investing.

The best news sites will cover a variety of topics, from breaking news to market analysis and price updates. They will also provide educational content for beginners.

CoinDesk and Decrypt are two of the most trustworthy news sources when it comes to unbiased crypto news. They cover all the big stories in the industry, and they offer extensive educational content for those interested in learning more about cryptocurrencies.

Bankless is a newsletter and podcast founded by Ryan Sean Adams and David Hoffmann. The outlet releases content aimed at helping crypto investors go “bankless” with the help of open finance protocols. The outlet primarily covers DeFi applications in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Twitter is a great way to keep up with the latest cryptocurrency news. You can follow the trending hashtags and search for news about upcoming projects and events.

Reddit is another great resource for finding upcoming crypto events and announcements. It is a popular social platform with numerous crypto-friendly subreddits, including r/ethereum and r/cryptocurrency.

Forbes is a popular publication for business news and analysis, and the site has had dedicated coverage of the crypto space since Laura Shin took over as a senior editor. This includes coverage of major crypto exchanges, news on advancements in blockchain technology, and much more.

Cointelegraph is a well-known crypto news site that focuses on breaking news about the industry, and they also have a dedicated editorial section to bring readers deeper stories with a literary flair. They also offer market and price analysis on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other leading cryptocurrencies.

The Block is a top crypto news and research site that provides in-depth analysis on all the top cryptocurrencies. They have a dedicated team of researchers and journalists who work to cover the industry in-depth and report on key trends.

BeInCrypto is a crypto-focused website that features a wide range of breaking crypto news, reviews of cryptocurrencies, and technical analysis breakdowns. The outlet also offers a job listing board and educational resources.

HODLing is a strategy that involves holding a digital asset for a long period of time and collecting the value over time. Unlike trading, this strategy requires less risk and is ideal for those who want to build a nest egg for their children.

The next step is to select the crypto asset you want to invest in. Once you’ve done that, you can begin the process of purchasing your coins. Buying coins through a crypto brokerage is a popular choice for many. Most of these services allow you to fund your account using ACH transfers, which is a cost-effective method.

One of the biggest challenges in HODLing is figuring out which crypto assets are undervalued. This can be difficult, but it’s a skill that can be learned and improved over time.

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