Will It GET WORSE For Bitcoin

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0:00 – Intro
2:08 – Price Action
3:47 – Stochastic RSI Weekly
4:27 – Pressure Cooker
4:59 – Daily Chart
5:49 – ADX & DI
6:20 – 100 MA & 200 MA
10:04 – Double Top
10:40 – Levels to watch
11:59 – My Lessons as a father

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Will It GET WORSE For Bitcoin


Bitcoin has seen an explosive Rally from 16k up to 24. but once we got there we Were met with some trouble and price has Started to reverse and is starting to Pick up some steam and everyone is Starting to get nervous is this going to Continue in today's video I'm going to Explain based on the facts and the Charts what you should expect going Forward if you're new here welcome in my Name is Steve and on this channel we're Different we go against the grade We Stand Out From The Herd when everyone Goes left we go right and we base it on The facts in the charts so hit that Subscribe button you're gonna love it Here in today's video we're going to Cover three of the most important charts Happening at this moment because if you Remember back when we were at 16k we had This pressure cooker forming we had our Stochastic RSI weekly cross and we said Right here on this channel don't be Surprised if Bitcoin rallies up to this Red line and since then we rallied up to This red line but as we got closer to That red line on this channel we said Look the candles are getting smaller as We come to our one of our most exclusive Resistance areas don't be surprised if Price reverses and so far that's what We've seen and we're going to discuss What we are seeing next happening in the Charts here in today's video I do want

To say next week is my son's birthday He's turning 40 years old I cannot wait It's going to be so incredible so my son Is a humongous part of my life later in The video I want to talk about some of The biggest lessons I learned as a Father and also next week to celebrate My son's birthday we're gonna be doing Something really huge for you and for People in need single moms single dads Vets people that are in a tough Financial situation More to come on that in some future Videos but let's jump straight into this Chart again we're on the weekly chart And we're really looking at this red Line we'll start with some price action First and this red line is the most Important one as you can see here uh the Red line is the 200 week ma right so if You go back in history every single bear Market played a significant role with This 200ma you can see in 2018 that was Our Market bottom holding beautiful Support even the covet crash beautiful Beautiful support and even if you roll Back all the way to 2015 beautiful Support beautiful support at this red Line so it's no surprise that what used To be our support is now our resistance We've expected it and the candles were Really telling us a story we said right Here on this channel look the candle was Pretty big getting smaller and getting

Even smaller as we were approaching Resistance right over our head it's Pretty obvious what was coming next at The same time we have this weekly Stochastic cross eye crossed down now it Hasn't confirmed yet but we do have a Cross right in front of us what do we Mean by confirm it's got to confirm Below here below the 80 level right just Like on the way up we have to confirm or Cross up above the 20. so we have to Stay level-headed we can't get too Emotional on the way up we can't get too Depressed on the way down but we've got To focus on the facts and we have to Understand what the facts are saying and This chart is saying look we were met With heavy resistance and we're starting To see a reversal and then the main Question becomes well how bad could this Get how much lower can we go are we Going to break our Market structure what Should you expect to learn forward first And foremost this weekly stochastic RSI Cross keep a close eye on that if you Look at the other ones once we had this Weekly stochastic right side cross you Know price was up here at 48k and that's When our Mega crash started to happen Right the prior one weekly stochastic or Outside crossed we were at our all-time High and then we started to crash down These are nothing to play with right Just like the stochastic right side

Cross on the bottom happens about every Six months right we have a cross up Which is momentum coming into the market Every six months this happens we covered It right here on our Channel because we Were in this pressure cooker situation As you remember a two-year pressure Cooker situation and at the same time we Had this bullish Divergence and at the Same time we had a weekly stochastic Across I cross up and that's when we Said look don't be surprised if we rally Up to this red line so once we've Rallied up there we couldn't be Surprised once we got up there we said Don't be surprised at a reversal in Price I mean this is heavy heavy Resistance in order to understand what's Going to happen next we've got to look At a smaller time frame and that brings Our story here to the daily chart keep In mind we were just on the weekly chart We broke down a bunch of things now We're on the daily chart and we're going To break down what's that smaller Picture look like and as we were Approaching we said look we did have Bullish Divergence forming over six Months that's what really broke this Thing wide open however we did have some Bearish Divergence forming on The Daily Over the span of a few weeks now what Does that mean that means we made our High here another high or high another

Higher high and another higher high While our indicators were doing the Opposite they made a high and a lower High and a lower high and a lower high That's bearish Divergence right and we Said look it's only a matter of time Before this thing breaks so we're Starting to see some of that action play Out right even in our adx and Di down Here in the daily we had the green on Top is bullish red on top is bearish When red is on top prices go down when Greed is on top prices go up it's really That simple right and we're about to Have a bearish cross here keep that in Mind as we move forward now as we go Over here to our weekly chart this is Something that could play layout we need To take a look at it it's a fractal Pattern that's pretty explosive the Action of 2015 during that entire bear Market is very similar to what we're Seeing play out in 2020 into 2023 However there is some good news now in 2015 right prices were exploding once we Came down to this beautiful red line we Had this cross when the yellow line Crosses the red Once we finished that cross there were Three distinct points of rejection from This yellow line right Point number one Point number two point number three once We had our cross and our three Rejections that's when in 2015 price

Exploded in Bitcoin going above this Yellow line for the first time in over a Year but not just peeking its head over This yellow line I mean exploding in Price over this yellow line this is Exactly how this fractal pattern played Out we had the yellow line across the Red and we had once twice three Rejections from this yellow line we Hadn't been above this yellow line in Over a year and we didn't just peek our Head above this yellow line we exploded Above this yellow line so now we're met With heavy resistance above our head Which we just showed we have some Bearish Divergence forming out on the Daily which we just showed and we're Starting to see a price reaction According to plan right but the question Is could could it get as worse as it did In 2015. in 2015 we exploded above here And we actually came crashing down to Retest our base we retested our base in 2015 is that happening next could it Happen next what's going to happen next That's what I want to cover now so we Explained earlier in the video about This bullish Divergence breaking Resistance met price reaction are Stochastic RSI crossed down losing Momentum we talked about on the daily Chart this bearish Divergence playing Out right in front of our eyes but could It get as worse as this here's what I'll

Say Bitcoin and again we are Mr Consistency when it comes for Bitcoin It's not very often we change our tune Usually every six to eight months we'll Change the tune of the videos you Remember we were calling the mega crash At 48k and then since price action Started to get down around here we said Hey look the facts in the charts are That the bottom could very well be in And Bolt the top of the chart and the Bottom of the chart are dictating that The market bottom is already in and we Were really really really early in on That and we started to form this bullish Divergence so have we changed our tune No Bitcoin has still showing significant Signals that we've turned a major Corner In this bear market now is the bull Market started yet not officially According to the facts in the charts but We've turned a major corner and there's No denying that right well there there Is denying that the high majority of People still deny it but the facts are The facts men lie women lie the charts Don't lie now worst case scenario Bitcoin can come back and test its Bottom that would freak the hell out of Everyone it would shake out a tremendous Amount of weekends and then everyone Will be looking for 2K Bitcoin and 1K Bitcoin and 3K which would never it Won't come the worst case scenario

According to the facts that I study are That Bitcoin could retest its base Retest Its bottom you know this 15K ish area I Believe that we have double bottomed Already but we can come back and test it According to this that's the worst case However there's no denying that Bitcoin Has changed its tune there's no denying That this bullish Divergence is Remarkably strong built over six months Just like we formed bearish Divergence At our double top this was our double Top our first top was back here in April And then the second top as you know near November the second top went higher and People are like oh my God how how is a Higher top a double Top This is a Technical double top right just like uh This this bottom right this bottom Formed we formed a double bottom so far Bullish Divergence breaking so in the Short term we could be met with some Turmoil here are some levels that I want You to watch as you zoom in here you can See a couple levels number one is this This level right here at about 20.8 20.6 K it's the bodies of these candles and The bodies of these candles and some of The bases of these candles watch that Level watch how we play with that level Watch the Wicks of these uh closing Candles and then the second one would be This yellow line right how are we going

To play with this yellow line that's at About 19.2 and Rising every day those Are the levels to really watch but worst Case scenario if we plummet through I Guarantee you're saying to yourself Right now oh if we plummet through I'm Gonna buy it's gonna be incredibly hard To buy because there's going to be so Much turmoil there's going to be so much Emotion involved in the crypto space There's going to be everyone is chanting That we're gonna go to 2K 3K if this was An easy game everyone that you know Would be millionaires trading is Difficult and the number one reason why Is humans have a motion with money and Humans have a very difficult time Controlling their emotions with money so They end up making emotional trades Which leads to a a lot of failure and That's the reason ninety percent of Traders fail right so that's the worst Case I do believe Bitcoin has still Chain uh turned a corner but I'm curious To see your opinions in the comments Below now I'm going to get to my lessons As a father I don't know if you are a Father or you are a mother or you're Thinking of one day becoming a father or Mother but I wanted to share with you as I mentioned earlier in the video my Son's fourth birthday is next week a lot Of you had started watching before he Was even born and it's just a remarkable

Story I wanted to share what what what Are my biggest lessons I'm going to Share three of them and one of them is Quite surprising I didn't expect it I Did expect the first one which is just It's remarkably fulfilling it's Remarkably fulfilling there's so much Joy I have spending time with my son It's incredible I can sit and talk to my Son for an hour about money the Intricacies of money and he's asking Highly intelligent questions back at me He's three it's incredible so there's That there I love just going on Adventures with him with no destination Like for example right now we're in the Center of Hong Kong there's all sorts of Chaos around us I just like to go Outside and our biggest decision we're Making is like hey should we go right or Left and just like being in the moment Right so in sports I I love sports I'm a Sports guy so him and I just bouncing Around playing sports listening to music I love it the second thing as a parent It was surprising nobody warned me about This and I just cannot get over why why Aren't people talking about this so for Me the self-awareness right and the in The self-discovery is is at an all-time High for me I'm always trying to improve As a human every single day I'm a little Bit obsessed with it just like a Continuous learner but when I had a

Child what I learned about myself was Like 100 x of what I've learned prior to Having a child because he's a reflection Of me so I'm picking up on all of these Little intricacies that I did on a daily Basis that maybe weren't good but I Didn't realize it and nobody pointed it Out to me my entire life until I had a Child and I can see it in him and then I'm self-aware enough to be like do I do That then I started studying myself and I do do that so in order for him to Change I have to change which is it was Such an epiphany I know nobody's ever Told me that no parent has ever warned Me about that or said that they also Really had that experience as well I'm Very curious see if you have but this is The biggest thing for me that was the Biggest surprise and the third thing is Like I love to teach I think I'm born to Help other people with my style of Teaching and the knowledge that I've Acquired through all the mistakes that I've made right I only have this Knowledge because I've made more Mistakes than most people That's basically the bottom line right I'm not afraid to fail I'm a risk taker I've been a risk taker since I was a Little kid so because you know I got Into trading at 16 I made all sorts of Mistakes the only reason I know about The charts now is because I was a

Complete idiot for year after year and I Had to learn some really hard lessons so For me teaching my son is just I love it More than anything I just love to teach I love to help in the communication with My son is on another level like I said I Can sit and talk to him about money Something that kids they don't know Anything about money usually and they Definitely don't want to talk about it He's very keen to talk about it he'll Always come up to me hey Dada what's Happening with the Bitcoin charts how Are the charts going can you tell me About can you show me some charts and I Just love it I love it beyond belief so I wanted to share those words with you Let me know if you are a mom or a dad And in the comments below I'm very Curious to hear your story especially With the second thing I shared do you Also feel that this was a huge lesson For me peace and love to the fellow Underdogs I'll see you right back here In the next video [Music] Welcome in to the game changing Indicator bundle [Music] Food [Music] I don't know I've made money back now I have a Structured plan I learned something that

I didn't know was possible today time Actually of 32 000. [Music]

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