WOW! Bitcoin Just Flashed The Most Bullish Signal In Years – WILL IT LAST


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00:34 – MACD
01:28 – Technical False Signal
01:40 – Major Warning
01:48 – Way Over 50k
02:47 – True Signal
04:04 – Large Rally
04:25 – Volatility
04:48 – Market Bottom
05:08 – Blue line on top
06:44 – Histogram
07:27 – Fakeout
07:37 – Fractal Pattern
07:46 – Textbook Bottom
08:01 – Bullish Divergence

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Warning Bitcoin Just Flashed The Most Bullish Signal In Years – WILL IT LAST


Bitcoin just flashed one of the most Epic signals in years but is it gonna Last or is there something going to come In that's about to come in to wipe it All away I want to discuss that right Now in today's video hit that subscribe Button my name is Steve we're putting Out bangers from now until Christmas Tons of videos so hit that subscribe Button we have a ton of information to Share in the charts hit that subscribe Button right now we're gonna jump Straight into it this is the macd on the 12th day and those of you that have been Watching my videos for a long time there Was one thing that I've been saying for A long time all I want for Christmas is This and it just happened but we don't Know if it's Gonna Last and I'm about to Explain some of the factors that might Wipe it all away but let's first start With what this signal is and then we'll Get into why this is the most important Thing in Bitcoin right right now and Then I'm going to give my honest opinion So Mac T the macd on the 12th day has Flashed uh we'll just look at the past Three times right in 2019 we had the Macd cross and we went up 230 percent in 2020 we had the macd cross and then it Went up 660 percent this is the only Technical false signal of the macd and It still went up 33 but this was a false Signal in the fact that we had this

Cross up it was short-lived we went up 33 percent and then it gave us major Warning because when we had the cross Down Bitcoin was still at a price of way Over 50k so it gave us a major major Signal that a crash was coming when the Orange line is on top Bitcoin is very Very bearish when the blue line is on Top Bitcoin is very very bullish and There's no denying that those are just The facts in the charts right now as we Go into our earlier days there were two Other macd crosses and only two others The one in 2012 after we had the macd Cross we went up 20 000 and in 2015 8 000 they only happen Every handful of years and they've only Happened a handful of times in bitcoin's Entire history one two three four five Times in bitcoin's entire history have We had a macd cross there's been no False signals the only one that is a Small what we could categorically call True signal but it was only a 33 percent Gain that was not a false signal there Has literally been no false signals on This time frame now the five that I Showed you They all happened at the same time they All happened during a bear market near The end of a bear market and signaled a Coming rally that's what they all did Okay back here in 2019 we didn't cross Before the bear Market we didn't cross

Right at the bottom of the bear Market We crossed when the bear Market was Finished and right before we went from You know 3700 to 14. for those of you Who followed our Channel and I'll right Around this time we made a video called Legendary rally coming for Bitcoin and Then we called the top at 14k we focus We tried to focus on the largest moves If you missed those calls hit that Subscribe button right now and follow Our channel so you can be up to date on The largest calls and the largest moves In Bitcoin because that's where you're Going to make all of your money or lose All of your money Now 2020 we had this coveted crash Everybody thought we were going to go a Lot lower and then we had this macd Cross and the macd was like uh-uh we Don't play that game we're about to go On a very large rally and that's Precisely what we did from 8 000 all the Way up to you know the 60 something Right and these other moves these other Two the early day two that we had were Literally when the bear Market was over Right we crashed down and then we Started consolidating uh we got pretty Boring here you can see the volatility Was at like almost zero at this moment Then we had the macd cross and the macd Was like okay let's go let's go do this And we went on a run for twenty thousand

Percent so the macd cross historically Has marked kind of the the end of Turmoil in the beginning of golden times The one that was kind of an outliers 2015 where we had our our Market bottom Here in the macd cross kind of in the Middle of the bear Market And that's where we had this macd cross So let's examine what we're having today Because this is where things get Interesting you can see right here What's going on we have the blue line on Top that's official right now but I said There were some things that we could be Concerned with so we will discuss those Here but one thing that we cannot deny Is that we have officially had a cross This is the only thing that I wanted for Christmas and this is literally the most Bullish thing to happen since uh 2020. So in years in years this is the most Bullish thing to happen to bitcoin since This 660 percent rally back after the Covet crash was finished so what do we Make of this what do we make of this Because we've got to be honest with Ourselves there's a lot of people and by A lot I mean the high majority of people Think we're going a lot lower and we Just had this cross so what what does it Mean how do we make sense of this Because it's widely understood that the Stock market is going to have a horrific Year in 2023 and by the way it may it

Very well may and I'm going to do more Videos about this topic so that you're Well informed but we're just going to Focus in on this chart in this moment And these facts that are presented in Front of us and make sense of it Right so one thing I want to recommend Is that you pay close attention for These weeks I'm going to be putting on a Ton of extra videos for the holiday Season to bring a smile to your face so From now until Christmas tons of videos Hit that subscribe button and I want to Point out that this cross you can see uh What happened with our histogram here Right these dark Reds you want to avoid We went from these dark Reds in in this Whole period here to start having these Light Reds and then the light Reds got a Little bit smaller a little bit smaller A little bit smaller it told you that Our cross was getting closer closer Closer closer closer and then we just Flip to Green here But sometimes the green can be Short-lived right like back here right Now this cross what I'm going to Recommend to you Is that we focus on this cross right now But also when we're going to close this Next round and if we put it simply What I want you to watch for is that This could be a fake out and we also Could have it play out similarly

Similarly like 2015 right In 2015 which is the the fractal pattern That I've been comparing Bitcoin to for Month after month after month after Month after month we're really really Really showing signs of 2015 where we Had our textbook bottom here we had our Textbook double bottom here which is What I just showed you in the past video We had our textbook bottom here at 17 500. we believe that we just had a Textbook double bottom and at the same Time have bullish Divergence which is Very similar to our top here our Textbook double top here which had Bearish Divergence it's the exact Opposite playing out and it's playing Out at the most critical level in all of Crypto it's where all the whales are Watching that price What I will say is that we had our macd Cross in the middle In the middle of 2015. so we can't say Based on all of our data points this Macd cross marks the complete end of the Bear it's not true it's not true we can Say that Bitcoin is done very very very Well After this macd cross we can say that Bitcoin never went uh substantially Lower right because we had our bottom After here we went a little bit lower But not substantially lower we can say Unequivocally after a macd cross we went

Up at a very large clip Um directly after our macd cross that we Can say unequivocally and we can say Unequivocally that Bitcoin did not Continue into a bear Market a deep dark Bear market after a macd cross we can Say that uh without a doubt for their Five data points what we can't say is That this Is going to continue with the blue on Top all right Here's what we need to do to focus on That all right and I'm going to give my Honest opinion on this as well I also want to say we're going to have The largest sale of the year on December 12th everything that we have is going to Be at the largest discount of the entire Year all of our courses indicators all Of our bundles the largest sale of the Year December 12th so make sure you pay Attention to that that's where you can Really start to change your life our Courses have minted a lot of Millionaires and by the way our courses Are not teaching you to trade based on Where the bottom is in or where you Think the bottom is in not important Pro Traders do not trade that way my Students do not trade that way I do not Trade that way and you are not going to Trade that way My courses take you from like zero Experience to professional Trader where

You want to be a long-term investor or a Trader that's where it takes you to December 12th largest sale of the year Now what do I think is playing out here Well I will say by New Year's By New Year's we're going to have a very Very good understanding of this cross We're in the very very early days we Just had a cross right this could very Well be a fake out we will know by New Year's because by New Year's we're going To close not one but two more times on This chart on the 12-day chart we're Going to close two more times and that's Going to give us substantial data to Make a very Sound Decision on what's Happening right now because this could Be very well the most bullish thing To happen in Bitcoin in years and by New Year's we could be celebrating so hit That subscribe button I'll see you right Back here on the next video peace and Love to the fellow underdogs [Music] Thank you [Music]

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