You WON’T BELIEVE Why We Bailed On SOL & FTT

Philosophical views in crypto have a place, as we learned when we got out of Solana and FTT. Avoiding big losses is partly about understanding the underlying philosophy of a company.
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Top Crypto News Sites – How to Find the Next Crypto Gem

top crypto news|top crypto news

Top Crypto News Sites – How to Find the Next Crypto Gem

Cryptocurrency news has grown in recent years. There is a plethora of different sources available, and choosing the right one can be a difficult task. The best option is to find a site that provides the most authentic reporting. While there are many great sources for news, it’s important to understand that some can be biased or contain shady information. To help you keep up with the latest developments, we’ve reviewed a few of the top sites for crypto news.

CoinGape is a website and crypto news site that focuses on investing and trading. It offers detailed articles on current events, news, and investment opportunities in the space. This news site also includes a community called SliceFeeds, which allows users to discuss topics related to cryptocurrencies. Using a system that rewards users for sharing posts, the site helps users connect with others in the crypto community.

The CryptoVerse is a popular vlog about crypto news. It features interviews with leading figures in the crypto space. They also have a podcast. Another popular site is Hackernoon, which covers virtually every topic regarding modern technology. Their articles are insightful and informative. In addition to their writing, the site includes in-depth blockchain op-ed pieces.

Altcoin Today is a solid site that specializes in the coverage of major cryptocurrencies. It has more than 100k subscribers, and the site features commentary, analysis, and videos. Users can choose to follow individual cryptocurrencies or add their own RSS feeds. The site also features social signals to show price action.

NewsBTC is another great source of news for the cryptocurrency community. The site covers the technology behind cryptocurrencies, as well as the adoption of the currency. They also feature reviews and editorial content. Although the site doesn’t have as much traffic as some of the other sites, it does have a lot of subscribers.

CoinDesk is a very reputable news site. Founded in May 2013, they produce several newsletters that are delivered to subscribers’ email addresses daily. They’ve also produced the most widely sourced Bitcoin Price Index. During the recent boom of the crypto space, they’ve been able to bring in millions of monthly views. Aside from their newsletters, they also host a Consensus summit in New York City. Approximately 4,500 people are expected to attend the summit.

Cointelegraph is an independent news site. Their editorial team believes in the power of cryptocurrencies. They provide in-depth news pieces, op-eds, and long form articles. One of the best parts of the site is their guides for beginners.

Financemagnates started out as a forex site, but they have branched out into covering the fintech and cryptospaces. Most of their articles go beyond the traditional run of the mill news site, and they focus on the economic and regulatory impacts of cryptocurrencies.

CoinNoob aims to educate beginners and novices about cryptocurrencies. They combine basic guides with interviews and critical news stories. Finally, ZyCrypto offers daily reports on a variety of cryptocurrencies.

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